Thursday, 21 July 2011

first post

my name is illiya.
its my first time using a blog..still learning though.xreti sgt sebenarnye ni.
actually da lme da nk buat blog.especially lepas da hbs matrik april lepas.
tp sbb malas and sbb tgk korea je memanjang.last2..21 july..bwat juga.hee.
kakak saya did ask me yesterday... "liya nk bwat blog..nk tulis psl ape?"
well..actually i'm not sure of it myself. :)
i did my list though.
  1. korean entertainment. (rsenye ramai org da bley teka da ni)
  2. diet (ni pun rsenye ramai org da bley teka da)
  3. real life. love life. (here i would most likely tell u what i had experienced in my life)
  4. my first love. (dancing!! hehe)
  5. my family and friends. 
  6. oh2..and of course.i wouldn't best friend! (wan!! saranghae! hee)
oh,before i officially start blogging..i would like to tell you first.
  1. i would not use full name in this blog.its for privacy matters. (utk mengelakkn stalker yg pelik2 yep.)
  2. the story that i'm going to write..its actually kind of personal to me.even now,i wasn't really sure if i want to tell it secara terbuka. mesti ada yg ckp.."klu personal,knp kne tulis kt sni? mmg kne baca arr." well,sometimes..what we are going through..other people are going through it too rite? so,i figure..myb it would be helpful if i share my real life stories least i can help others who are having a problem like i did once.ryte?
well,thats about it. first post in a blog!
thank u for reading this post!