Thursday, 21 July 2011

Girl's Generation & Super Junior

I'm a fan. :)

Girl's Generation. 
Taeyeon (Leader),Jessica,Sunny,Tiffany,Hyoyeon,Yuri,
SooYoung,Yoona,Seohyun (Magnae-youngest).

from left: tiffany,yuri,taeyeon,yoona,hyoyeon,sooyoung,jessica,seohyun,and sunny.

Super Junior.
Leeteuk(Leader),Heechul,Hankyung,Yesung,Kang In,Shindong,Sungmin,

Choi Si Won

Si Won,Hankyung.

from left: sungmin,eun hyuk,heechul,ryeowook,yesung.

from left: kyuhyun,si won,leeteuk,sungmin.

from left: yoona,si won,seohyun,jessica,& hankyung.

from left: donghae,hankyung,si won,& kyuhyun.

from left: si won,yoona,jessica,donghae. (jessica and donghae used to date each other though,before they both debuted.)

This is actually ad for SPAO,both super junior and snsd are involve in endorsing it.
they aren't really a couple.its just for advertising. :)

LeeTeuk & Jessica

Yoona & Si Won

magnae of both group (Kyuhyun & Seohyun)