Friday, 22 July 2011

the little steps in dancing world

i've discovered dancing when i was twelve years old.
at that time,i was very clueless.i don't even know what dancing is about.
one day,my sister bought dvds.the movie honey and the white chick.
since there is a television and a dvd player in my room,i watched the movie so many time.
sebelum pegi sekolah..lepas blek sekolah..malam..pagi..ptg..cuti..
i spend most of the time watching these two movies.
and after a while,i started to memorize the dance move in the movie.
i don't make myself remember all the move,but it naturally happen to me.

                                               This is the dance routine for the movie Honey. 

                                            This is the dance cut in the movie White Chick.
                                                     The dance is kind of funny though. :)

At first,i thought that everyone is just like me.
love to dance and can remember dance steps in a short amount of time.
but it turns out..everyone have their own specialities.
I was in june 2004,i was at a friend's birthday party.
we were all playing games..and the music is on.
the song that was playing is crazy in love by beyonce knowles.
that was the song that i had memorised in the movie White Chick.
then,out of nowhere..i started dancing to the beat of the music.
all of my friends were shocked.
they were really surprised that i would know how to dance.
actually..i was pretty surprised myself.

After that,i realized..everyone have their own specialities..
for instance,some people can play the piano uncondiotinally good.
and some are very atheletic and can run very fast.
as for me,it is dancing. :)

In the year 2006,my PJ teacher Puan Mona...(wah..i can still remeber her name until now.)
divided us with 4 or 5 person in a group.the task is to do an aerobic dance routine.
i was so excited! but truthfully,at that time..i'm not actually good enough.
i still dance kind of awkward at this age of 14.
but still,due to the team teammates and i manage to dance not so horribly at school.
there were not that many people watching us..just Puan Mona and my other classmates.
it was fun.we were wearing all blue sweatshirt that match each other up.
and i even got to do a solo dance in the aerobic dance routine!
but since i don't really remember how the dance rotine really is..i kind of suck that day.
but all of my classmates were really nice and supportive.

then..entering 2007,i wasn't really dancing that much.
since it is PMR year..i have to focus.
2008,i met Balqees and when she introduced me to korean music and dance.
i fell in love with dancing again and start dancing back.
I'm a big fan of snsd (girl's generation).
therefore,almost all of their dance routine i 've memorised.

and when i got in KMS,i was kind of bummed.
there were no place for me to dance here.
there is no television of audio speaker that i can dance to.
and since i was sharing a room with 3 other person.
to be honest..i was really scared.
i'm scared that they wouldn't like the fact that i love to dance so much.
but lastly,it turn out very well.all of my roomates love to see me dance.
fatimah,fatin,fiqah,mia,piqa...all love to see me dance.hee. 

in kms..we got this gym room where we can practice dancing.
the room is actually use by an aerobic teacher.
ah..i remember the first time seeing that room.
how much i want to dance in that room.
truthfully,my heart beat faster when i'm entering that room.feeling of excitement.
but sadly,i can't..because its for the use of other students too.
the teacher would teach aerobic to students in the evening..when all our classes ended.
if i were to use that room to would be too selfish of me to dance alone while others want to use the room too.
so,sometimes..i come to the aerobic classes.just to feel the room.
and in the room..seriously,i miss dancing so much! argh!!
aerobic is different than dancing.
the aerobic routine is very simple since it acquire people to learn it in a short amount of time.
as for dancing,you move according to the rhythm and is more freestyle compare to aerobic.

when i was twelve,i was really sure that i want to become a choreographer.
it seems fun.but then now i know that the future of the career is kind of hard to predict.
i have the passion to do it.but i don't really have the confidence to really go through it.
to really be brave and take a career in this dance world.
my parents also are not really supportive of me to become a dance choreographer.
they were just worried about me.
my dad said that when i was about 3 years old..masa raya kt kg,i was always dancing to amy mastura songs.

at the time,he was very worried.he was scared that i would want to become a singer or something when i've grown up.haha.
i did ask my parents,where does this passion to dance coming from?
is it from my mom? my dad?
but both of my parents said that they don't know.
mereka kata xde spe2 yg actually minat menari mcm illiya minat.
perkara ini agak menkonfiuskan saya ye..erm..
anyway..lastly,i decided to dance just for fun.
i got my family and friends to support me dancing too!
i'm very thankful. :)