Sunday, 21 August 2011

Being Unfaithful - Salah Lelaki atau Perempuan?

Hello everyone. :)
when my matriculation program ended ,i've been watching so much korean drama.
so much that i think my head will be popping out korean words dah.
i read a lot of blogs too.
and one thing that really caught my eyes was that,
why do certain people curang in a relationship that they have build for so long?
why married couple get a divorce and married with someone else?
walaupun boyfriend/girlfriend tu baik macam mana pun..
pasangan dia tetap curang juga.
why do this happened?
salah lelaki tu ke?
ke salah perempuan tu?

In a lot of blogs that i've  read,
banyak real life stories yang menunjukkan kaum lelaki ni curang.
hampir semua la.
jadi banyak saya nampak comment2 yang macam ini,
"kalau lelaki tu memang dasar lelaki.curang tu curang juga.tak lari mana nye."
"lelaki semua memang tak boleh harap.kata sayang,tapi curang could he lied in front of my face like that?"
"lelaki,kau bajet kau hot gila la,couple banyak2 ni? aku pun boleh la weyh,aku je yang tak nak."
masa nampak comment2 macam ni..
i was thinking..
betul ke salah lelaki tu?
kenapa kaum lelaki je yang dipersalahkan kalau dalam isu curang2 ni?
cuma kaum lelaki je ke yang boleh curang?
girlfriend dia tu takde buat salah langsung ke?

and kenapa certain girls,walaupun dia dah tau yang boyfriend dia curang,
tapi dia buat bodoh je?
dia buat tak tahu sahaja.
sebab sayang?
or mainly sebab she can't stand being alone?
or sebab she doesn't give a shit at all pasal lelaki tu?

i was so curious.
masa kat kms dulu pun,yang curang bukannya lelaki je.
perempuan pun curang juga.
yup,girls do it too.
i was surprise too at first.

walaupun dia dah couple dengan boyfriend dia for so long,she still cheated.
and there are a lot of rumours saying this,saying that.
there was once while i was buying something in a convenience store in my college
that i heard girls talking,
"kenapa that girl curang huh? boyfriend dia baik je kot.lagipun dia dah dengan boyfriend dia empat tahun dah.tak sayang ke? empat tahun kot."
"a'ah.dah ada lelaki yang baik..pergi cari yang lain lagi.manusia ni memang tamak dan tak pernah nak bersyukur."
at that moment,what i was thinking was..
is the girl is entirely at fault for behaving that way?
even though she's been with her boyfriend for four years,
does her boyfriend treat her nicely?
do the girls in the conversation above sure that her boyfriend is really that nice and great?
are they sure that her boyfriend doesn't cheat and do the same too?

being in a relationship is not an easy thing to do.
it's hard.
so to judge people like that,is not a nice thing to do.

after sometimes,
i realized..i think i could understand kot kenapa certain partner cheated.
okay,i give you a situation.
if korang kena makan kek chocolate je for the rest of your life,
would you take the challenge?
tak boleh makan makanan lain langsung,kek chocolate je seumur hidup.
can you do it?

its hard kan.
waktu mula2 memang sedap.
tapi bila dah lama2,rasa muak nak makan benda yang sama je hari2.

macam couple juga,waktu mula-mula bercinta gembira gila.
tapi bila dah lama-lama,rasa bosan and lastly they both lose interest towards one another.
yup,that is exactly what being in relationship is really like.
that is why only certain people who totally could devoted their life to love only one person in the world,
can make a relationship really work.

macam girl yang saya cerita tadi,
maybe dia dah bosan dengan boyfriend dia.
but she still loves him.
mana ada perempuan yang akan stay dengan seorang lelaki for four years,
kalau dia tak cintakan lelaki itu langsung right?
she knows that being unfaithful was very wrong.

but cuba korang bayangkan,
kalau korang punya gf/bf treat korang badly.
and suddenly datang seorang girl/boy yang treat korang baik gila..
baik yang gila2 punya sweet la.
wouldn't you be attracted to that person?

i'm not saying that being unfaithful is the right thing to do.
its wrong actually.
especially if you are married and the words 'in bed' are involve.

but i think i could understand now why people are being unfaithful towards their partners.
and it is not just the guy or the girl fault.
this matter is really subjective.
so to blame just one person without knowing the details is entirely a wrong thing to do.

so girls and guys,
if bf/gf korang ada yang curang.
yup,walaupun korang tengah bengang gila dengan pasangan korang..
listen to what he/she got to say.
there are reasons for everything.
don't be so emotional and just break up so easily.
sebab pergaduhan macam ni la yang makes a relationship stronger. :)

but if bf/gf korang dah curang banyak kali dah.
tolonglah break up ye.
sebab he/she dah doesn't worth anything to have you as their partners.

while i was blogwalking,i found some site that can relate to this topic.
"If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve, then hell no, you can't "be friends." Friends don't mistreat friends."
    i hope these articles can give benefits to you.
    have a nice day. :)

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