Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dance Idol : Elecoldxhot (Malaysia)

In my opinion,Elecoldxhot would be the best dance crew in Malaysia!
their dance routine are really awesome!
they are able to move almost perfectly in every dance they perform.
perfect synchronization.
sharp dance moves.
wah! and don't even mention the speed.
maximum awesomeness!!!!
i'm really proud to have such a talented dance crew in Malaysia.
Elecoldxhot comes in as number one and won the 8TV's Showdown 2011.

and they even performed for the opening act for Super Junior Super Show2 in Malaysia last time.

i can see a really bright future for this dance crew.
they really inspire me to dance as excellent as them.
check out the videos. :)

Showdown Final 2011
 first final dance performance.
In For The Kill - La Roux (Skrillex Remix)

 second final dance performance.
Welcome to My Hood - Various Artist
this performance really make me speechless.
such speed!!!
excellent job,i must say.

in a Singapore Dance Showcase,HmcPhlow & Elecoldxhot teamed up and wow the crowd with their dance moves.

The videos below are some of my favourite dance clip of Elecoldxhot in Showdown 2011.

 Elecoldxhot collaborate with BlazinSquad in Week 7
Benny Benassi - Cinema (Skrillex Remix)

Week 3
Theme : Replicate & Represent
Jay Chou - Battle of Heaven & Earth ft. Kobe Bryant

Week 5
Everybody - Backstreet Boys

Week 6
Theme : Rock
Lagu untukmu - Meet Uncle Hussain

Week 8
Theme : Magic.
S&M - Rihanna

For more Elecoldxhot dance videos from Showdown 2011,visit this site.
ECX official youtube channel.
ECX official Facebook FanPage.

support the local dance crews people. :)