Wednesday, 31 August 2011

a New Life that will be starting on 6th of September 2011

First sekali,
i would like to say,
Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir dan Batin! hihi
I had fun this raya.
Alhamdulillah dapat spent time dengan family & relative.
plus,anak saudara iaitu baby yang kecil dan comel pun ada untuk memeriahkan keadaan.
my cousin's sons.
nampaknya we just can't seem to stop the clock from ticking kan?
semua orang pun dah semakin membesar.

this year is the last year that my first sister would be celebrating hari raya
with the whole family before she gets marry.
so,i'm really glad that all of my family members could be present for raya this time of year.
i know its not like we cannot celebrate raya with her anymore.
but will not be the same after this.
like i said before,things change as time goes by. :)

image credits :  blogshopr

Like the title of the post,
it seemed like i will be starting a new life soon.
on the 6th of September 2011,i will be entering an university in Terengganu.
new university,new friends,new environment,new everything~!
i'm so excited!

Terengganu is really far away from Shah Alam.
to be honest,saya sangat lah manja.
naik LRT tak pernah,naik train tak pernah,
naik bas awam pun baru pertama kali hari itu.

when my friends asked me which university that i got accepted to,
and i said in Terengganu.
semua pun macam..
"boleh ke Illiya tu? bukan dia manja gila ke?"
i'm not denying.
saya memang manja.
pergi mall pun,kalau tak ada kawan atau siblings yang akan take care of me there.
my parents wouldn't let me go.

i'm not complaining.
i actually love the fact that my parents are so caring for me.
i really cherish both of my parents.
so kalau diorang tak bagi pergi konsert ke,tak bagi pergi mall seorang2 ke..
i could understand why. ;)

so when i got accepted to an university in Terengganu,
i was really glad,that is because I will get a chance to learn how to be independent there.
plus saya juga bersyukur sebab i can get out of Selangor!
hihi. tak best lah kalau daripada kecil sampai besar duduk kat Selangor je right?
tak adventurous lah kan.

jadi i will work hard and my best to adapt there in Terengganu.
hihi. it's not like luar negara pun,still Malaysia.

There are a lot of physical changes that i make before i enter the university.
one thing that is obvious is that,
I stop wearing colour contact lenses!
yup,i would like to go for a natural look.
thanks everyone for participating in that poll.
it really help me a lot. :)

and azam saya bila pergi sana is that,
saya nak kurangkan my obsession dengan korea ni sikit.
sikit je lah,tak banyak.
haha,saya tak berani nak promise.

and i want to think more about yang Yang Maha Esa.
it's not like i don't perform my prayers,tak puasa or anything.
just daripada sudut hati,kalau boleh i would like myself to be thinking about HIM
more than i do now.
Insyaallah,saya harap dengan izin-Nya..hati saya akan lebih terbuka nanti.

and about love relationship in University pula,
i would like to take my sister's advice.
she said,
"don't burden yourself by getting into a relationship at such an early stage in university,enjoy your life as an university student first!"
so,i would like to enjoy my life first.
explore Terengganu,make new friends,achieve something great in my life first.
and then insyaallah,baru cari si dia. :)

for my friends who will be furthering their studies too,i wish you guys the best of luck!
and may your wishes in life come true.