Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Super Junior 5th Album Comeback Performances

The outbreak of the news that 
 Leeteuk and Heechul will be enlisting in the army in 2012 kind of make me sad.
two full years without Leeteuk & Heechul??
waa! so sedih maa..

Leeteuk & Heechul

It is also said that the 5th album will be the last album from Super Junior.
despite the sad news,and even though fans would be very teary right now about it.
the E.L.F (Super Junior's Official Fanclub) are really trying their best to support their favourite stars during the comeback performances.

KBS Music Bank (05/08/2011)

Super Junior - Superman & Mr.Simple

MBC Music Core (06/08/2011)

Fellow workmates,snsd come to support super junior on their comeback performance in mbc music core.

Super Junior - Superman & Mr.Simple

SBS Inkigayo (07/08/2011)

I really like the part when they say 'the last man standing!'.
it look really cool. :)

Super Junior - Superman & Mr.Simple

M! Countdown (11/08/2011)

Super Junior winning on M! Countdown