Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy Weddings!!

my first sister telah berjaya dinikahkan dengan pasangan hidupnya pada 24th of December 2011.
It was a simple wedding,but it was bless with so much love.
There were a lot of things that happened..
ada perkara yang baik dan ada juga perkara yang buruk.
tetapi alhamdulillah..
dengan pertolongan daripada family,cousin, & Allah swt,
semuanya berjaya dilakukan. :)

I was lucky that day.
I got a new additional family member,
spent quality time with each of my family members.
and i got to meet my matriculation friends during the weddings.
how precious was that right?

For my first sister...selamat pengantin baru!
have a great marriage.
liya doakan yong dapat baby comel2 tau! :)

I really want to post the pictures of both of the bride & groom here.
but for privacy purposes,the wedding pictures are left to be shown only for friends & family.
but i have some random pictures at the wedding with my friends.
Zul asked me to post it on facebook,but malas la.
hihi,post kat sini pun ok juga kan?

For my friends..
Kamilah, Fazli, Zul, Rawaida, Syazrin..
thank you for coming to the weddings.
mesti susah nak cari rumah kan?
hee,anyway..thank you sangat2 for coming. 
really appreciate it.
rindu korang semua. ^^


Makan Time! ^^

Kamilah & Rawaida

Fazli, Zul, & Syazrin

Rawaida & Kamilah

p/s : Kamilah & Fazli,i wish the best for both of you.
InsyaAllah..amin. :)