Thursday, 28 June 2012

Background Images

Hello everyone.
It's been such a long time since i post something on this blog of mine.
Dah bersawang-sawang dah.
Even my friends & my love ones are tired of opening a blog that hasn't been updated at all.
Right now I am actually on my semester break.
That's mean that i have a lot of free time on my own for about two months.
So I will try to update this blog as much as I can.
Wish me luck. ;)

Since Blogger had a new template, "Dynamic Views".
I decided to use it!
So the first post that I will post on this blog is
there were many background images that i choose,
before i decided to put it in this new blog template.

Image No1
At first, I was trying to find a really cute picture.
a picture that show no face at all but just show a heart with their hands.
I want to make look like it was love between two people.
so I google and found this image (Image No1).
I use it to make a background image,until I suddenly realized.
the two people in this picture are actually girls.
so yes,this picture is for best friends between girls.
you can see it from the ribbon that tied the girls together.
they pinky promised to always take care of each other.

Image No2
Then I tried to google some more and found  a really cute picture.
It reminds me of Syafiq.
but it's too childish to use it as a background image of a blog of 20-years old girl. 
So I search for another photo.

Image No3

Another picture which show no face!!
this picture is cute too.
I really love the quote.
"Smile,you are beautiful."
 but I change my mind again and try out another photo.

Image No4
These candies really look pretty aren't it?
decided to use this image..
but lastly,I change my mind again.

Image No5
The Image!! ^^
sorry if the post is long and boring.
but this is the image i choose.
The title is shopaholic.
I search it on google and found it on a wallpaper website.
all around,I love the setting behind her.
plus the picture was edited so well.
I wish I can shop till I drop in a very fascinating and glamourous city like her.
It's every girls dream to do that. ;)