Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Letter and The Perfect Wedding Song

Dear my future husband, how are you?
It's me, Illiya.
I am writing this ahead of time.
I wish to meet you before time,
but maybe God just want to keep a little surprise for his creations.
so I have to be patient and wait.
because waiting for the right time to come is a bless.
is it not?

Honestly saying.. I don't know the future.
I don't know what path Allah swt had written for me in this world.
I am not sure that I've met you before or not.
but if I already did met you,
I really hope that the person that I am with now is you.
but if I haven't meet you yet,
Assalamualaikum. :)

Sometimes when I think about the future, I feel like I want to cry.
It is something so big and mysterious that it makes you wonder,
what could happen if this didn't happen?
what would happen if I didn't do the things that I did?
but these feelings, is the God that created it.
and I believe that it is created with so much love.
and I cherish it so much.
Thank you Allah swt.
Alhamdulillah.. :)

To my dear future husband,
I know that I am destined to be with you.
and I will wait patiently until the right time to come.
but if I may, I want to say..
when we did get married, please be someone that I am already with now.
I keep on praying that he's the one.
I keep on wishing that Allah swt would answer my prayer one day.

I had a long talk with him yesterday.
and he said the same thing to me,
"We are still young. We are both only twenty years old. We got more years ahead of us.
We could plan, but we don't know the future."
I just smile when he said that because it is so true.
Life is full of wonders.
and in my heart, all that are written are..
If i could and if our hearts are destined to be together,
I hope I can be with you till my last breath.
I hope I could love you for the rest of my life.
Till jannah.
Insyaallah. :)

I found a perfect wedding song.
I love the music.it reminds of tenderness, kindness, and love.
I wish that one day, we will get to use this song on our wedding day.
Amin ya rabbal alamin.. :)

Monday, 30 July 2012

How Our Thoughts and Intentions Can Give Effects on Water.

Salam Ramadhan my dear muslim friends.
and for the non-muslim, I wish you with great blessings from God.
Few days earlier , I had a very nice time with my father.
We are discussing and watching videos regarding modern science, water, and how to relate it with our Creator.
We learned about a lot of things.
about water , about how incredible His Creations are,
about how Allah swt creates his creations all almost too perfect,
and sometimes that all these things are all unexplainable to us human.

Today I am going to share about the knowledge that I received just few days ago.
Alhamdullilah, Allah swt open up my heart and let me understand these things.
In life, you have to search to gain more knowledge.
"Insyaallah, if you are looking for answers. He will give it to you. But you must have the will and a sincere heart to do it. "
As for me, I just want to share it with you guys because it is very important to relate everything that goes on in your life with Allah swt.
It is one of the way for us to return the good things that He had done for us.

 What I am going to talk about is about the water and us.

Dear friends,
Have you ever wonder about how the water is created? How it is formed?
How that we cannot even stand about six hours without water supply? 
How that human beings have to depend on water just to live?
Have you ever thought about that?  

I watched a really interesting documentary on YouTube the other day.
and I got to know some interesting facts there.
  • Water exist ever since the creation of the earth.
  • Water is the only thing on earth that can exist in three states. which are solid, liquid, and gas.
  • Water is the only thing that expands when it freezes. Other substances contract, but water is the only thing that expand.
  • Even though water is soft and yielding, and yet it can penetrate the hardest rocks over time.
  • The structure of the water changes according to outside influences, such as the emotional energy of human thoughts.

I linked the videos here, so that you can watch the documentary too.

What really caught my attention is that how the structure of water can change according to outside influences,
such as the emotional energy of human thoughts.
Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto’s did many studies on water and emotions.
and it is discovered that water act as an organic memory chip storing information.
how this thing occur, it is still a mystery.
But it really surprise me at how your thoughts and emotional feelings can penetrate and have effects on water.

Dr Masaru Emoto's Rice Experiment

On the left container "You Fool" and on the right container "Thank You"

In this experiment, Dr Emoto placed portions of cooked rice (water and rice) into two containers. On one container he wrote "thank you" and on the other "you fool". He then instructed school children to say the labels on the jars out loud everyday when they passed them by. After 30 days, the rice in the container with positive thoughts had barely changed, while the other was moldy and rotten. 

Dr Masaru Emoto's Photograph of Frozen Water Crystals
" It was 1994 when the idea to freeze water and observe it with microscope came upon me. With this method, I was convinced that I should be able to see something like snow crystals.
After two months of trial and error, this idea bore fruit. The beautifully shining hexagonal crystals were created from the invisible world. My staff at the laboratory and I were absorbed in it and began to do many researches.

At first, we strenuously observed crystals of tap water, river water, and lake water. From the tap water we could not get any beautiful crystals. We could not get any beautiful ones from rivers and lakes near big cities, either. However, from the water from rivers and lakes where water is kept pristine from development, we could observe beautiful crystals with each one having its own uniqueness.

The observation was done in various ways:
  1. Observe the crystal of frozen water after showing letters to water
  2. Showing pictures to water
  3. Playing music to water
  4. Praying to water
In all of these experiments, distilled water for hospital usage produced by the same company was used. Since it is distilled twice, it can be said that it is pure water.

The result was that we always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water. On the other hand, we observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation. Moreover, we never observed identical crystals.

 As you can see the above water crystals that are in the city are disfigured compare to the natural water.
and the water doesn't form a beautiful crystal until after it was offered a prayer (dibacakan dengan ayat-ayat keagamaan) .

If a water is given heard to Heavy Metal Music, negative words, and even names of evil people..the crystals will be hideous.
Compared to music from Mozart & Bach, positive words and names of good people.

If you still don't really understand what i am talking about.
Here are the videos that may make you understand about this a little clearer.

 Water is a major importance to all living things. In some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water. Up to 60% of the human body is water, the brain is composed of 70% water, and the lungs are nearly 90% water. Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water by weight, as is the brain, body fat contains 10% water and bone has 22% water. About 83% of our blood is water, which helps digest our food, transport waste, and control body temperature.

What I understand about Dr Masaru Emoto's experiment is that our thoughts can effect water.
But since our body are made up of almost 90% of water,
can you imagine how our thoughts can effect us?

That is why when a monk is meditating and can go through days without food,
he actually controls the water in his body by controlling his mind.
and it explained why we as muslims are adviced to recite "bismillahirrahmanirrahim" before we eat and drink.
You can see in the documentary that I posted earlier.The documentary explained a lot of other situations.

Thank you for reading this article.
I hope it is gives many benefits to both your mind and soul.
I hope I can create more articles that can help people in their lives in the future.
Till then.
Assalamualaikum. :) 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Japan Family Trip : Day 4 (Fuji-Q Highland)

Assalamualaikum everyone. :)
Today I am going to tell you about the day I spent in Fuji-Q Highland.
To be honest, if someone asked me,
"What do you remember the most about being in Japan?"
I would easily answered without even thinking for a second.
"Fuji-Q Highland~~~!!"
Even my family members said the same thing.
For your information, Fuji-Q Highland / Fujikyu Highland is a highland amusement park.
macam Genting Highland in Malaysia. cuma dia World Class punya.
maksud saya world class dekat sini is that the rides there are at a world class level.
like in the amusement park itself ada about six roller coasters.
and all these roller coasters termasuk dalam Guinness World Records.

" Fuji-Q Highland (富士急ハイランド) is an amusement park in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan.
The theme park is near the base of Mount Fuji. It has a number of roller coasters, as well as The Haunted Hospital, the world's second largest haunted attraction, and Thomas Land, a children's area with a Thomas the Tank Engine theme. "
Source : Wikipedia
Guide Maps in Fuji-Q Higland 

11th February 2012
Day 4 in Japan :

I am very lucky that after I went back to Malaysia, I got to know that
Big Bang, a South Korean Boy Band actually went there on the 3rd of April 2012.

You can see Taeyang free pass to Fuji-Q Highland, here.
and there were other pictures too. the pictures in the link were taken near the Haunted Hospital.
Haha, I went to Fuji-Q Highland first before Big Bang did.
How awesome is that right??

Let me tell you beforehand, this entry will be very long.
but please stay, it's really worth it I'll tell you. :)

Firstly, I want to tell you about the roller coasters that my siblings and I rode there.

1st : King of Coasters "Fujiyama" 

 FUJIYAMA, the "KING OF COASTERS" which boasts world-class specs,
including a maximum speed of 130 km/h (81 mph), a maximum drop of 70 m (230 ft.),
and a maximum height of 79 m (259 ft.).

2nd : Takabisha  

Takabisha is a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter steel roller coaster.
 It is currently the steepest coaster in the world with having a drop angle of 121°.
It has the height of 43 m (141 ft) , length of 1,000 m (3,300 ft) , and speed of 100 km/h (62 mph).

3rd : Dodonpa

 Dodonpa can go up to 172 km/h (111 mph) in a mere 1.8 sec. after launch!
Imagine if you sitting in a stationary condition (not moving,or keeping still),
then suddenly you are moving with the acceleration of  0 to 172 km/h (0 to 107 mph) in 1.8 seconds.
From a still 0 km/h immediately to 172 km/h.
crazy right? that was what I was feeling. :)
with that kind of acceleration, the ride just took about a minute to complete for the length of 1.189m.
It was thrilling! ^-^

4th : Eejanaika

Eejanaika (ええじゃないか) is a steel 4th Dimension roller coaster.
The ride is the world's second 4th Dimension coaster.
You can enjoy unprecedented thrills and a feeling of liberation as you experience three different kinds of spins, "the spinning of your seat forward and backward," "loops and flip-flops through the air," and "spinning with twists in it," while you race down the track!
As an added bonus, you'll hang there with your legs dangling,
so you won't be able to plant your feet anywhere to steady yourself.
This will send a strange sense of being hurtled through the air coursing through your body.
 Eejanaika had the height of 249.33 ft (76.00 m) and the length of 3,782.83 ft (1,153.01 m).
The speed reach about 78.3 mph (126.0 km/h) and has 3 track inversion (14 including seat inversions).

My sister and my brother-in-law rode Eejanaika. I didn't.
it was because I was too nauseous at that time.
to be honest, after I rode the Dodonpa, i puke at the toilet. rasa mual yang teramat sangat.
jadi takut nak naik eejanaika. takut termuntah pula kat atas itu nanti. haha

Oh ya, did you watch all the videos?
If you did, isn't it just awesome?!
but if you didn't ,please do. best tau. ;)
by the way, if you can see in the video..
there's gonna be one time where there is a big statue of a camera during these roller coasters ride.
do you see it? 
if you don't try watching it again, there is.
In Fuji-Q Highland, they captured photos of you while you rode the ride.
and it cost like 500 Yen for a picture.
the pictures were so funny! semua hodoh gila dalam gambar itu.
We do have the pictures. but no need to show it here la.
hihi, segan mah~
So there they are, the roller coasters that my family and I managed to ride.
We have to queue a long line, for about one hour for each of the roller coasters
because there were too many people.
So we didn't actually able to ride the whole Fuji-Q Highlands ride.
but still it was ok. it was really awesome!!
i felt really lucky to have gotten the chance to go there.

The pictures below were taken there by my first sister and my younger brother.
Credit to them for taking these awesome pictures. :)

Eejanaika  that can be seen from outside the entrance.
Fujikyu Highland!!
The roller coaster just about to start.
Entrance of Fujikyu Highland
My free pass ticket!! ^-^
Mulanya pengembaraan.
The first ride that we rode : Panic Clock .
Excited. Teehee~
Mad Mouse
Tea Cup & Marry-Go-Round
Wee~ we were up there. :)
Tracks of King of Coasters,Fujiyama.
King of Coasters, Fujiyama .
World Bucchigiri Coaster Dodonpa
View outside Fujiyama.
Checking the view.
During summer season, this park is supposed to have a Water Paddler activity.
Varieties : Original Fujiyama goods and cute snacks.
Walking near the Ice Rink
Ice Skating Rink
Walking near the Marry-Go-Round
You can see the roller coaster tracks for Dodonpa here.
Cartoon Typhoon & Shining Flower

Cartoon Typhoon
Shining Flower (Giant Ferris Wheel) Normal Gondola
Warner Brothers Studio Store

MIzuki Shigeru's Ge-Ge-Ge Haunted Mansion
Food Stadium


Great Zaboom
It's like a roller coaster but it is slower and it moves in water.



This picture was taken at 3.30pm.
Since it's winter, the day time for Japan was easily closing in.
As you can see below,they are 
he pictures that my younger brother took in Evengelion World.
For a fan of this anime (Neon Genesis Evangelion) , this is a must visit place.
It is the top five attraction here in Fuji-Q Highland.

Hexagon-shaped platform.
Sketches of Evangelion
HD posters can be seen everywhere.

Life-sized statue
Eva Unit 2 "The Beast"
Hallway thats the same as in Evangelion.
It's a lift with the life-size characters there.

9 meters high,16 meters in width & includes effects,such as the EVA’s starting sound,glitter eyes & smoke from the mouth.
A life-sized Evangelion EVA-01 TEST TYPE. A must-see for a fan of the anime Evangelion.

Evangelion Shop
Happy Valentine's Day Booth

Thomas Land
Station Shop in Thomas Land.
Ge-Ge-Ge Fairy Shop
Gundam Crisis. You can see life-sized Gundam there.

Gundam Mania. Gundam products are sold here.
The original goods of Gundam Crisis are also available there.
Many people are going back already.
Nagashimasuka . Macam dua ekor meow-meow yang tersangat besar.
Going to the Haunted Hospital.Most of the review said it's super scary.
Arrived in front of Senritsu Meikyu (Ultimate Horror Labyrinth).
My dad is an excellent photographer. He took this picture using the camera.and other pictures too! :)
Saya yang excited sangat nak pergi Kids Studio Charcter Shop.
Fuji-Q Highland dah nak tutup dah.

Jalan-jalan depan kedai-kedai yang dah tutup.

Err..yang ni..no komen.

Masa ini dah jalan menuju parking lot dah.
Bubye Fuji-Q Highland~~!!
Balik itu makan Sushi! ^-^
Kat sini guna monitor, tapi waitress ada juga.

It's just another coretan of me here.
Thank you for reading. Selamat Berpuasa everyone.
Have a happy day. :)

Please do check my other days in my family trip in Japan.