Monday, 23 July 2012

Japan Family Trip : Day 1 ( Tokyo )

Hi there everyone.
Today I am going to take you on a trip.
A trip to Japan!! yay! ^-^

I went there only for one week that was from 7th of February 2012 until 14th of February 2012.
I just want to share the pictures that I took there here on my blog.
At least the next time you go to Japan,you know which place to visit.
My family and I didn't visit much place there, just some.
but still it was awesome!!
I was glad that we got to go on a trip like this.
It's been so long since we spend much time together.
So having these memories together is actually one of the best thing in my life.
and lucky for us because it was winter season that time.
so yeah, if you are wondering why I wore the same clothes all day.
it was because I had to wear the winter clothes because the weather was seriously cold there. 

Oh ya, sorry if the pictures looked like I was traveling alone.
It is just that my family don't like their pictures to be uploaded online.
Even all their facebook accounts are really private.
Its for safety measure.
Don't you know? Facebok is dangerous!
Hihi,anyway..enjoy the photos.
my little brother took almost all the pictures there.
so yes, he's a great photographer.
bagi kredit sikit. heheh
7th & 8th February 2012
Day 1 in Japan :
  • The Flight to Japan.
  • Visiting and stayed at my sister house in Hiyoshi,Yokohama.
  • Visiting the Tokyo Metropolis.
  • Cross the Shibuya Crossing.
  • Visiting The Tokyo Tower.
My flight ticket to Haneda Airport.

Eating pizza before going on board.

Boarding time

Arrived at Haneda Airport and this was at Japan Train Station.

 Believe it or not, we all walked and took the trains to arrive at my sister's house.
We arrive safely and that early morning my little brother and my brother-in-law
went to take some pictures around the house. 
The environment were really different from Malaysia.

Now we are on the way to the train station.
to get to Tokyo,Japan.

 On the way to the train station, we came across a kid who was on the way to school.
he was wearing a uniform!! cute right?
it reminds me of nobita & daisuke or something.

Lastly we got to Tokyo.
The picture below was actually taken from a building.
So that we can see the Shibuya Crossing clearer.

Shibuya Crossing

A picture is a must!

Right then we were going to cross the Shibuya Crossing.

Walking around Tokyo, Japan.

There were a lot of buildings & people walking here.


We then stopped at I think a very famous place.
Since a lot of celebrities went there.
It was an instant photobooth.
We took a family picture there.
Celebrity's signatures

After that we went to eat at a restaurant.
Since I don't read Japanese, I don't really know the name of the japanese dishes.
but I know that all of them were halal to eat.
Because my sister was there!
So she had to be the 'Halal Officer' for us.

Soyu and Black Pepper.

I think it was prawn.

I ordered these. Yakizakana (grilled fish) with rice.

yang ni macam Ikan Goreng Tepung je. ehem2.

sorry, tapi yang ni saya memamg tak tahu nama dia apa. hoho


There were ads everywhere.

Even though we were travelling, solat tidak boleh ditinggalkan.

The design in one of the train station. The painting look a little like anime 'Bleach' to me.

Arrived at Tokyo Tower!
 We went to Tokyo Tower and bought Japanese Crepes.
I'm not sure the name of the crepes sold there but in Malaysia

Buying Japenese Crepes.

 The above picture were taken outside Tokyo Tower.
I posted one of the picture at Syafiq's Facebook Wall.
It was seriously cold at that time.
and look at my writing!! huduh~~
haha,it was so cold that my hands berketar-ketar masa tulis kat atas IPad tu.
IPad tu pun sejuk gila.It was made from steel.
so faham-faham la bila besi sejuk tu, sejuk dia macam mana kan?
tengok..sampai mata smiley face tu pun dah besar sebelah.
huhu,instead of being cute.
I looked like I was about to kill someone.

Brochure and ticket from a visit to the Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo City view from above the ground.

Shinto Shrine

Tokyo Tower Gift Shop
Kaki tu bukan kaki saya yep. Just nak bagi tahu. hoho

 There were two "look down windows" that allow visitors to stand over a small clear window and look to the ground 145 m below. Source Wikipedia.

The city view during night time.

It's snowing! ^-^

I managed to crave Syafiq's initial there.
tak perlu bagi tahu pun kan sebenarnya?
tapi nak bagi tahu juga! hihi

I will update the other days in Japan soon enough before you know it.
Till then people.
Thank you for reading.