Monday, 5 August 2013

How I decided to change and wear 'Tudung Labuh'.

Assalamualaikum everyone.
Today I am going to touch on a very sensitive topic.
I am going to write something honest, and I am not hoping for people to accept it right away.
Just want you to know, that this is my story.
Please don't judge me, instead take what is positive rather than negative.

If people have been knowing me for these past years,
they would have either knew me for real self or they have been listening to my stories being told from a person to a person and being assumed by others.

In this post, what I am going to told you about is about why i decided to change from wearing a normal size hijab to a longer in length hijab.
Or as people would called it 'tudung labuh'.
For me this topic is really sensitive because it does not only involve my level of iman-ness, but it involve all the people that involve around me and of course it involve the religion that i love, which is Islam.

Before August 2012 I couldn't care less about what I am wearing as to cover my aurat.
I was wearing skinny jeans to class, a see-through blouse, shawl that is so small that could easily see everything and on top of that the perfect every-time-you-make-a-step-people-will-turn-their-head high heels.
Yup,I was that girl.
The girl that wanted to be noticed and stand out from everyone else.
Unlike others, I love to wear things that makes me different from others.
It made me feel special.
It was totally normal for me for people to look at me from up to bottom with their judging eyes.
I am used to it.
Even during my matriculation days, we were told to wear Baju Kurung (a traditional apparel for Malay women in Malaysia) and a dark coloured closed-toe shoes but instead..I wore a Kebaya, with my super short shawl and even if I have to wear a longer size shawl, I would twist it and turn it all into a very short one.
and of course! striking coloured shoes was a must!
Not just that, even going through the tutorial class even if it is forbidden to polish your nails and there were lecturer's around..I would just polish my nails if I feel like it.
If five fingernails is too much for them to handle, fine. I will just paint three of them.
That was what I thought.
How bold am I right?
Even in the girls dorm, I was wearing short pants.
With hair being long and straighten and complete with coloured contact lenses.
The perfect combination of korean style.
I love myself.
I was so confidence.
Every time I turned my head, I know people will notice me.
and every time I smile, I know people will smile back at me too.
During my matriculation days, I was still dancing.
In the evening, I would just went to the dance gym and practice dancing like I usually do back home.

It didn't feel wrong at the time to do that, but right know when I realized it.
how embarrassing it was!
much said, 'Zaman Jahiliah'.

After my matriculation ended, I got to further my studies in University Malaysia Terengganu, UMT.
I was still like my old self, I was still wearing things that I assumed was covering my aurat.
But it clearly was not.

What triggered me to changed.
Not until around August 2012, my second semester in UMT i came across something on facebook.
Something that actually opened my eyes really wide.
What actually happened was,
I was scrolling my facebook home feed as usual and I came across a post.
The post said 'please report this page, it is offended to girls and women in Malaysia.'
I clicked the link and it turned out it was the page 'Himpunan Awek Melayu Cun'.
I never came across this page before but just as I scrolled down, there were many pictures of girls wearing very tight clothes and of course there were many naked pictures too.

I noticed that why one of my friend share the post to remove the page was because her picture was there! inside one of the page's album!
I read through all the post and it turned out, the admin of the page download the girls pictures and uploaded it back to the page.
So that he will have a complete album of pretty girls in very tight clothes and inappropriate positions.
At that moment, I thought if one of my friends picture was in there..which means anyone could be in there too!
So I checked every pictures and albums in the page and saw many offensive and inappropriate comments there.
What I notice the most was mostly the pictures in the album were girls with hijab.
At first I was confused, the girls in the pictures were wearing baju kurung and a hijab but why are the comments from the guys are so inappropriate?
For me there was nothing wrong with the way she dressed at all.
But I was totally wrong.

At that moment, I knew right away that this is how guys looked at girls.
They are not just see you, but instead they see right through you.
and sometimes even if you are already covering your aurat, they still can imagine what you are covering.

Starting from that moment on, I became very cautious.
Every time I put on my clothes I would think first on how I dress would effects my dignity as a muslim woman, and how I was actually covering my aurat.
I stop wearing skinny jeans, I started to pinned my hijab to the front to cover my chest area.
and not long before that I started wearing loose clothes with socks and hand socks.
I started to realized that how different it is between covering your aurat and wrapping your aurat.

Tudung Labuh
When I was in KMS, I have a friend , her name is Syahirah.
I saw her transformed from being a basketball athlete into a pretty muslimah.
I saw the size of her shawl change from 45' to 50' and 55'.
During that time, I was actually amazed by her.
How she could changed like that?
What triggered her to change?
That thought had always puzzled my mind for quite sometimes.

Until I realized, that my time was about to come to.
It seems like Allah swt had opened my heart too.
just like He did with Syahirah's heart.

When Allah swt had given me the light, I started to follow it.
I prayed and supplicated to him.
Asking him if this is the right thing to do.
and am I ready for this?
I asked Syafiq, "Is it okay for me to wear 'tudung labuh'? Will you be fine? Will you still accept me? "
He just smile and said, "Benda tu dah memang baik, tak perlu tanya pendapat saya pun tak pe. Buat apa yang awak rasa baik untuk diri awak."
I was thankful he was very supportive.
Alhamdulillah I was at the part of my life that I already found someone for my future (insyaallah).
So it was easy to focus only on how to be a good person than to still mingling around to find a suitable partner for the future.

Shopping Time!!
From that moment on,
I started to changed all my clothes.
I stop wearing trousers because my buttocks are quite large, so if I wear it will actually just enhance the size.
Sorry for being too honest.
So I just bought a black long skirt, pink long skirt, and even a blue long skirt.
Since I don't really have that much money to buy abaya and jubah which cost almost RM 150 for each at least,
so I decided to wear just a simple loose long sleeves t-shirts with a long skirt.
and on top of that I would match it up with a pair of handsock, a ballerina shoes plus muslimah sock,and a suitable colour akel 60' hijab.
and most of time I would just wear Baju Kurung because it just feel more comfortable that way.

Tudung Akel Bidang 60'
Loose Long Sleeve T-shirt

Loose Long Sleeve T-shirt

Muslimah Handsocks

Long Black Skirt

Muslimah Prayer Socks

Ballerina Shoes!

At first when I changed, it requires quite some of money.
I mean I was about to change all the clothes that I have.
To buy new shawl, new hijab, new blouse, new skirts, handsocks.
It cost me a little but it was worth it.

I bought the socks all at Tesco but it usually sell out really fast.
But if anyone reading this are interested to buy it online, i have the link.
1) Tudung Akel (Zarina Zaini Apparel)
2) Hijabaheera
They also sell Tudung Akel.
Tudung Akel is actually hard to find in retail stores.
If you are really interested, you can buy it online.
I bought mine all online.
But I have to buy it in bulk so that the postage would not cost me that much.
Oh ya, if you are interested with islamic or muslimah t-shirt, find it on
They make really nice clothes there.

The Feedback
Alhamdullillah, all of my family members supported me a lot.
Even Syafiq and my closest friends supported me too.
Wan even bought me long shawls from Egypt some more as a gift.
It was a relief to know that something good was very well accepted by many people.
After i started to wear tudung labuh, my first sister and mother changed the way they dress too!
Alhamdulillah, tenang hati suami mereka.
I think people who really search for whats good in life, definitely Allah swt will opened their hearts to good things.

The Obstacles
Every thing have it's good and bad side.
If there is a positive feedback, it also must have it negative feedback right?
To be honest, take my advice.
If you want to wear a tudung must first strengthen your mental first.
You must be mentally prepare for everything that people will say to you.
Mean things that people will say.
About your personality, your iman, your religion.
First thing that you must asked yourself is 'Are you really ready for this?'

As for me, I had a lot of people saying bad stuff about me.
Sometimes it doesn't even have to do with the tudung labuh.
It just about my personality.
But people would just blame the tudung right away because that was what they noticed first.
Some have said,
'Illiya tu, pakai je tudung labuh tapi perangai langsung tak macam orang bertudung labuh.'
'Illiya tu pakai je tudung labuh, tapi dia tak baik mana pun.she still in a haram relationship juga. ada boyfriend bagai.'
I even had big misunderstanding with my old roommate and she posted this on her public wall on facebook,
"ya,walaupun saya ni pakai x la muslimah macam ko, ketawa pun hambur2, sembahyang pun lompat2, tapi tida la hipokrit macam ko tudung jak labuh tapi perangai, attitude cam sial..okbai'
People commented, 'Marah ja dirinya..jangan libatkan tudung dia..yg jahat dia..bukan tudungnya.. :) '
She then commented back, 'sebab tudungnya mmg xsalah, dia salah guna tudung dia..berselindung..'
19 people like what she posted.
During that time, just as she posted it..I read it, I read it all.
I was just 1 meter distance from her, and I heard every phone conversation that she made, every little bad talk that she made about me.
But I am not mad at her.
I just sat there, thinking..
"Oh Allah swt, I am not being a very good muslimah, am I?'
When this happened, I was almost at the stop of my tongue.
I don't know what to do.
I talked to my friends, they tried to cheer me on.
but it didn't help me loose this guilty feeling that I felt.
Then I had a talk with Syafiq,
I asked him,
'Awak rasa saya ni sebenarnya cukup baik ke nak pakai tudung labuh? Sebab ramai orang doesn't actually agree with me wearing it. Saya jahat. Perangai saya teruk. ' 
"And tentang relationship kita, we are not married. But we are close with each other, kat mana pun sentiasa nak bersama. Don't you think it's wrong? Zina datang dalam berbagai bentuk kan? Zina hati, zina lisan, zina mata, etc. It is still haram. What should I do then?' 
Secara jujur,saya pakai tudung labuh bukan sebab saya pasti yang saya ni cukup baik. I just wanted to become a better muslimah. Saya dah tak mahu buat dosa lagi. Saya tak nak pakai ketat-ketat lagi. I cannot bare myself to wrapped my aurat anymore. I can't. Even when I tried to go out for once without my socks, I barely made it within five minutes, then I ran to my room back to get it and put it back on.

I am not a perfect muslimah.
Some people have thoughts that if you want to wear a tudung labuh, you have to have a high level of deen.

'Kalau perangai kau macam tu, baik kau tak payah pakai tudung labuh lah. Buat malu agama sendiri sahaja.'

Even one of my friend have very sceptical issue about this, she said
'Masa sekolah dulu aku ada kenal seorang budak tudung labuh juga. Perangai dia teruk. Sejak daripada tu aku dah tak berapa percaya yang perempuan bertudung labuh ni semuanya yang baik. '

To wear this,you have to have a well respected personality.
I cannot deny.
That is true.
but human cannot be perfect.
we all make mistakes.
we are all still learning about life.
This is not Jannah, Dunya wasn't meant to be perfect.
That is why it is hard to find perfection in this world.
It is an impossible thing to do.
Because it do not exist.

I can't imagine how many days my eyes were filled with tears just thinking about this.
Like I posted in my older post,
In this life, our reason to live is just one.
That is to return ourselves to Allah swt like how He was once created us.
"kita lahir di dunia ini bukan untuk diri kita sendiri.Malah kita ini hanyalah hamba Allah swt dan lahir untuk mengesa kan Allah swt di muka bumi ini.Macam mana kita lahir di dunia ini dengan penuh wangi dan suci sewaktu kita bayi,macam itulah sepatutnya kita pulangkan diri kita kepada Allah swt sewaktu kita mati nanti."
this is what really matters the most, but why am I doubting my ownself just because people have some negative thoughts about me.
should I be listening to them? or should I be listening to Him?
then I made a conclusion.
I have to listen to both of it.

Firstly, I need to change what is negative about me. Allah swt cannot actually tell me directly what is wrong in my life. But he can send someone to give that message to me. For instance, if my old roommate said something bad about me. Instead of being mad at her, I should know she said that because there was a reason. Because probably I was not being a good person. or because I did something wrong. That is where I have to reflect myself and fix my personality some more.

Secondly, I will try to be a better muslimah.
If I don't have the ability to compete with the pious in righteous deeds, I will just compete with sinners in seeking Allah's forgiveness.

Thirdly, about being in a haram relationship. I will fix on that, slowly.
It is kind of hard to totally change everything in just a blink of an eye.
But we are trying.
I hope within the next few years, insyaallah..if we are made for each other.
I hope to be married and dedicated my whole life just to be a dedicated wife, a loving mother, a responsible daughter and  a better muslimah.

Lastly, I have to keep this in mind.
Because there are always reasons and lessons to be learnt for every incident that happened in my life.
Always. :)
We are almost at the end of Ramadan in the year 2013.
Hari Raya Aidilfitri pun dah nak dekat ni.
Just few days away.
Selamat Hari Raya everyone.
and Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Awesome Medley by Kurt Schneider!!

Have you ever heard of Kurt Schneider?
He is young only by the age of 24 years old and already graduated from Yale University
and an awesome American video editor, musician, singer and songwriter.
He's primary medium is YouTube.
So mostly he will upload the music he made there.
He is very talented, do check his music out.
Here is his youtube link. 

These are some of the videos that I really like from his youtube channel.
He did many cover of songs with the help of his many talented YouTube friends,
but I personally love the medley version.
I played the music videos so many times.
I think it already reach like a thousand times.
Plus, the music video is so much fun.
Especially the medley that Victoria Justice and Max Schneider did.
Awesomeness overload.

I am unofficially engaged.

On the 12th of June 2013, Syafiq gave me a surprise.
He gave me something that I never thought that I will behold in my ring finger (jari manis).

Yup,he gave me a white gold tiara ring.
It was a really wonderful surprise.
When he said that he wanted to buy me a ring, i thought it was just a silver ring.
But it turned out, it was something that i would never had expected.
After he gave me that ring, he asked me a very important question..
and I said yes.
But we are not officially engaged, both of our parents haven't actually meet each other yet.
InsyaAllah, this raya they will.
Syafiq too,during our internship will be frequently visiting me at my home.
So hopefully he and my parents, and all my siblings will be bonding.
and soon enough,they will be close to one another.
I think I will just take everything slow right now, just sometimes..
time flies so fast that I don't even realize that the actual time is near.
I just hope everything will work out just fine.
Please do make your dua (doa) for me. :)

Post #91

Hey all. I am actually on my semester break.
It's been quite a long time since I post something here.
Hopefully this semester break, i will definitely update this blog.

Semester break!!!
Haha, vacation? That is what everyone would be thinking right?
But as for me, I got my internship program to complete this semester break.
Three months in a company, doing my practical there.
Not happening!!

Alhamdullillah, everything work out just fine.
Happy and contented, I must say.
By the way, I have a niece now.
Her name is Wardina Az-zahra.
She is the first baby in the Ridzuan's family.
Hopefully in the next 5 years there will be a lot of little ones in the family too.
Bosan lah kan Wardina seorang je.
Mesti kena ada teman kan?

Till then.

Friday, 25 January 2013

A Song That Invites You to Help Others and Have a Kind Heart

This song is very meaningful and it touched my heart.
I cried every time I watch it.
The music arrangement too!!
Its just too nice.

There are several stories in this music video :

Story 1 : A child was unconscious and her mother seek for help. A man whom work as a paramedic gave her a helping hand. When the man got back from his work, all of his family were hiding inside the house and prepare a surprise birthday party for him.

Story 2 : At first, the video showed a dad carrying his son in a baby stroller. Not long after, the son whom has grown up really well, took care for his father too.The son was carrying his father on the wheelchair. As much love that the father gave his son, the father received the same.

Story 3 : A mother trying to cross the busy street but her hands were full. At the same time she needed to hold her daughter's hand. Luckily, a woman whom was going to cross the street saw this and volunteered to help. Later on, when the woman was admitted in the turned out that the mother from before was a nurse and that she was taking care of the woman. 

Story 4 : In an evening at a park, a man who was reading a book saw a teddy bear fall from a girl's hand. He saw this and quickly help and returned the teddy bear back to the girl. The girl and his father was very thankful to the man.

Story 5 : A dedicated father works as a surgeon and helped a patient in the operating room. While he was in the operating room, his son who was technically drown in a pool was saved by his friends. He was unconscious at first but later on was able to breathe. The boy called his father to tell him about it and the father seemed really relieved.

From the stories in the music video,
it shows that there is nothing wrong with helping people.
even the littlest things could worth a lot!
By doing good deeds, we are actually doing good deeds to ourselves too.
So lets all do good things and offer our hands in helping others.

No one has ever become poor from giving.
Can you see that I already highlighted some of the lines below?
I really like the meaning of these words.
Sangat mendalam maksudnya.

Sami Yusuf Healing Lyrics

It's so hard to explain
What I'm feeling
But I guess it's ok
Cause I'll keep believing
There's something deep inside
Something that's calling
It's calling you and I
Its taking us up high

Healing, a simple act of kindness brings such meaning
A smile can change a life let's start believing
And feeling, let's start healing

Heal and you will be healed
Break every border
Give and you will receive
It's Nature's order
There is a hidden force
Pulling us closer
It's pulling you and I
It's pulling us up high

Healing, a simple act of kindness brings such meaning
A smile can change a life let's start believing
And feeling, lets start healing

Hearts in the hand of another heart and in God's hand are all hearts
An eye takes care of another eye and from God's eye nothing hides
Seek only to give and you'll receive
So, heal and you will be healed

 قلب بين يدي قلب و بيد الله كل قلب
عين ترعى عينا، وعين الله ترعى
كلمة طيبة صدقة
تبسمك لأخيك صدقه
كل معروف صدقة
اللهم اشف شفاءً لا يغادر سقماً

I like the song 'Healing'.
Sami Yusuf has the credibility to create music that touch one's heart.
For those who not yet watch this video,
I recommend that you download it in High Definition (HD) and watch it on your own.
You will cry, i tell you.
My father said that crying is not the sign that you are weak,
it just that you are a soft hearted and has a high level of sympathy and empathy.
There is nothing wrong with that extra tears falling down your cheeks. ;)

Have a happy day.
Thank you for spending your time reading this.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

7584 Days

Including today, its been about 7584 days since I was born in this world.
That means I have never stop breathing for 7584 days.
If you convert it into years, months, and days.
It will be approximately 20 years, 9 months, and 4 days.

The number 7584 days seems like a little for me.
When I think of it, I have live in this world for only 7584 days.
Every time I open my eyes in the morning, it is Allah swt that gave me the chance to live.
Every time I want to make my way to a place, it is Allah swt who gave me the will.
Every single thing in this it He that make it possible.
Compared to Allah swt whom is the Great..
I am just a tiny dot in this universe, I am nothing compare to Him.

During this semester break, I spent a lot of time with my parents.
and they tought me about a lot of things.
They both tought me to always put Allah swt first before anything.
Ever since I was a child they would told me : 
Each time you wake up in the morning, say "Alhamdullilah."
Each time before you go to sleep, recite surah Al-Fatihah and Ayat Kursi.
Each time before you eat, say "Terima Kasih Mak, Terima Kasih Abah, Syukur Alhamdulillah" as a sign of gratitude.
Even each time before we start our journey to go back to our kampung for Hari Raya,
we would all recite a Doa Perjalanan sama-sama.
For us, Allah swt and intention (niat) are really important in this life.

My father also told me,
In this life, our reason to live is just one.
That is to return ourselves to Allah swt like how He was once created us.
I will translate the meaning to Malay now.
Maksud ayah saya, ialah kita lahir di dunia ini bukan untuk diri kita sendiri.
Malah kita ini hanyalah hamba Allah swt dan lahir untuk mengesa kan Allah swt di muka bumi ini.
Macam mana kita lahir di dunia ini dengan penuh wangi dan suci sewaktu kita bayi,
macam itulah sepatutnya kita pulangkan diri kita kepada Allah swt sewaktu kita mati nanti.
Oleh itu, setiap proses yang kita lakukan di dunia ini teramatlah penting.
Allah swt tidak akan tengok apa yang kita capai, tetapi Dia akan tengok apa yang kita buat untuk capai sesuatu benda itu.

Sebagai contoh,
Duit hasil kerja seorang tukang kebun yang jujur mendapat keberkatan dan diredhai-Nya daripada seorang pekerja korporat yang bermain dengan rasuah. Walaupun duit gaji tukang kebun itu sedikit berbanding dengan pekerja korporat itu, tetapi nilainya sangat tinggi di mata Allah swt.

Can you see the graph above?
This graph shows you that it is important to develop yourself to a better muslim or muslimah.
We are getting older and older every single day.
and as we get older, we should also increase our knowledge and Iman.
Most of the people are always focusing on the knowledge for what will be use in the world
that they neglected the knowledge that they could use here in this world and also for the after life.

Most of people take this thing very lightly.
When they heard about a guy whom is 30 years old and still don't know how to read a book,
you'll be shock and wonder how he live his life these past years.
But if they heard about a guy whom is 30 years old and still don't know how to read an Al-Quran,
many of them would say "Biasalah itu. Ramai apa orang macam dia. "  

Ilmu untuk dunia dan ilmu agama Islam perlu dua-dua bertambah selagi kita masih diberi peluang untuk hidup di dunia ini.
Iman dan Takwa sangat penting dalam kehidupan kita.
Apabila kita hilang di dunia yang materialistic ini, cubalah bangkit balik dan cari balik Iman kita dan pulang kepada Allah swt.

Saya tulis perkara ini kerana saya bermuhasabah diri sebenarnya.
Saya mengaku kadang-kadang susah untuk hati ini sentiasa berbuat baik.
Kadang-kadang on track, kadang-kadang itu off track sangat-sangat.
Saya mempunyai terlalu banyak keburukan dan kelemahan yang bila fikir balik,
malu sangat dengan diri sendiri. and most of all malu sangat dengan Allah swt.
Setiap hari kadang-kadang fikir,
 "Kenapa Allah swt bagi aku hidup dalam ketenangan dan kesenangan walaupun aku dah banyak mengecewakan Dia? "
"Kita dipandang baik kadangkala bukanlah kerana kita benar-benar baik, tetapi kerana Allah swt menutup aib yang ada pada diri kita. Barangkali kalau aib kita dibuka dan didedahkan, tidak ada satu kebaikan pun pada diri kita di mata manusia."

Allah swt itu memang Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang kan?

Saya harap apa yang anda baca ini dapat membuat anda terfikir tentang kebesaran Allah swt.
Jika ada yang saya silap kata, saya minta maaf.
dan kalau ada yang hendak diperbetulkan, beritahu lah saya. Sama-sama kita belajar.
Saya pun baru sahaja belajar dan ilmu agama saya pun sikit sangat berbanding dengan orang lain.
Saya harap dengan apa yang saya share di sini boleh serba sedkit memberi faedah dan ilmu kepada sesiapa yang membacanya.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Japan Family Trip : Day 7 (Our Last Day in Japan)

14th February 2012 
Day 7 in Japan :
  • Pack our bags & luggages & head back to our beloved country, Malaysia.

All the bags were packed & ready to check-in for cargo.

pic name
Last time we rode the subway but this time, since all the bags were so heavy..we rode the bus. This bus lead us directly to Haneda Airport.
pic name
Alhamdullilah, we arrived at Haneda Airport safely.

pic name
See how many bags were there? A lot! :)
pic name

After eight long hours, we all arrived at LCCT Airport.
To be honest, we miss Malaysia so much.
Siap turun daripada flight, dalam kereta terus jerit
" Malaysia Boleh! Malaysia Boleh! " lagi.
Gila kan? haha

Anyway..I want to say thank you for those of you
who followed my journey in Japan in this blog.
The reason I decided to upload and made all this pictures
to be shown to the public is not because I want to show off or anything.

Firstly because it could be helpful for those who want to travel to Japan.
I even received emails of people asking me about
how my sister made the arrangements to travel there.

 Secondly, it is just one of those memories that you know it is
so precious and if you can, you want it to be repeated so many time in your life.
because I know, that one day..all these memories will be forgotten little by little.
That is why I like to captured them in a timeline, with stories & pictures.
So that I would not forget anything about this trip
which filled with so many sweet memories between my family members and I.
It had been so long since we all had a vacation together.
Therefore, it was so much fun! :)
Japan Family Trip ini pun semua secara kebetulan,
susun atur-Nya dan rezeki kami.
If you asked me, I couldn't even imagine that I get to
spend my first semester break in Japan.
Like my mother said, "Rasa macam mimpi sahaja."
After this, London pula!!!
I hope!
*day dreaming*

Please do check my other days in my family trip in Japan.

Japan Family Trip : Day 6 (Akihabara,Tokyo Mosque & Turkish Centre, and Harajuku)

13th February 2012 
Day 6 in Japan :
  • Visit the Akihabara Electric Town.
  • Visit & Pray at Tokyo Camii (Tokyo Mosque).
  • Visit Harajuku.

pic name
The journey was started. :)
pic name
At the Railway Station.

pic name
This is  really cool!! A touch screen vending machine!! Click here for more details.
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Arrived at Akihabara Electric Town.

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SEGA Building
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Cellphone Solar Chargers

Electronic Components

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If you ever play MetropolisMania, you'll feel like this picture just came right out of the game.
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Very cute miniature dolls.

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Action Figures in one of the Anime Store.

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Kara Vending Machine in front of the Anime Store.
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Akihabara is well-known for the Anime & Electronic Gadgets.
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The streets of Akihabara.
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People crossing the streets in the Akihabara District of Tokyo,Japan.

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My father was taking a picture of the streets.
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Dah lapar,jadi makan time! Ini Udon's restaurant display window.

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I think this was the Japanese Soy Souce.
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Udon!! First time tasting it though. :)

There was a selection whether you want to have the Japanese Tea or Plain Water.

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After we had our lunch, we were making our way to visit Tokyo Camii (Tokyo Mosque) .
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It was so cold, my nose was running red.
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The busy streets in front Tokyo Camii.
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The front door of Tokyo Camii.

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Looks like a reception desk.
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Carved Stonework
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The trees here semua halus-halus.

All of us wouldn't miss the chance to pray and solat here.

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Artwork at the arch of the Mosque.
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Beautiful Chandelier

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That is where the Muslimah perform their solat. It is separated from the man.
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The Holy Al-Quran

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Doa & bersyukur kerana dapat sampai di sini.
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This chandelier is very cool kan? cantik sangat. :)

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Cami which means Mosque in Japan.
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Turkish Centre

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You can visit here, for more details.
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This picture is well captured.

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Souveniers to buy.
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Miniature size of the Mosque.

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Found a Danish Bar at the Railway Station. See,my mom is really excited, She really likes bread & pastry. It is her favourite. ;)
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Munch-munch-munch..right now, terus bergerak ke destinasi yang terakhir! Harajuku!

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Finally,the streets of Harajuku.
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It was like a shopping place, can you see GAP there?

Just outside of the Harajuku Station.

We were all finishing our Danish Bar, lapar sikit time ni.

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Night view in Harajuku.

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YM Square Harajuku
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Lots of sales here and cute shoes.
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The streets of Harajuku.

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Original Turkish Style Kebab
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Kebab Box

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The Kebab!
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H&M. I bought Syafiq Helmi's souvenirs here. :)

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Lots of Shops here!

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I had the chance to visit a Kpop Store there.
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There were many of the Kpop Album. This here in the picture is the G-Dragons Heartbreaker Album.

I had a chance to bought an SM SNSD (Girls' Generation) 2009 Official 1st Cheering Towel at the store. SNSD fan it is! :)   

I google online and found this cheering towel that they sell online on EBay.
I am quite surprise that the price is so expensive.
RM265.14 just for  a cheering towel. Including the postage of course.
Hu..very expensive. When I bought mine, it was just RM48.00.
 Such a difference in price.
See,click here.

Daiso Harajuku - 100 Yen Shop.
 This is one of the largest 100 Yen Shops in central Tokyo, offering a wide array of goods, including clothing, kitchenware, food and stationary on multiple floors at 105 yen per item. It is located only a few steps from Harajuku Station along Takeshita Dori.

Daiso ni macam kedai RM1 kat sana.
Bila 100 Yen tukar pada duit Malaysia, jadi RM4.
Daiso had open many outlets in Malaysia too. But it cost RM5 per item.
RM1 itu untuk charge penghantaran dari Jepun kot.

Anyway,ini sahaja untuk hari ini.
Thank you for sapring your time reading this.
Till then. :)

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