Monday, 8 July 2013

Awesome Medley by Kurt Schneider!!

Have you ever heard of Kurt Schneider?
He is young only by the age of 24 years old and already graduated from Yale University
and an awesome American video editor, musician, singer and songwriter.
He's primary medium is YouTube.
So mostly he will upload the music he made there.
He is very talented, do check his music out.
Here is his youtube link. 

These are some of the videos that I really like from his youtube channel.
He did many cover of songs with the help of his many talented YouTube friends,
but I personally love the medley version.
I played the music videos so many times.
I think it already reach like a thousand times.
Plus, the music video is so much fun.
Especially the medley that Victoria Justice and Max Schneider did.
Awesomeness overload.

I am unofficially engaged.

On the 12th of June 2013, Syafiq gave me a surprise.
He gave me something that I never thought that I will behold in my ring finger (jari manis).

Yup,he gave me a white gold tiara ring.
It was a really wonderful surprise.
When he said that he wanted to buy me a ring, i thought it was just a silver ring.
But it turned out, it was something that i would never had expected.
After he gave me that ring, he asked me a very important question..
and I said yes.
But we are not officially engaged, both of our parents haven't actually meet each other yet.
InsyaAllah, this raya they will.
Syafiq too,during our internship will be frequently visiting me at my home.
So hopefully he and my parents, and all my siblings will be bonding.
and soon enough,they will be close to one another.
I think I will just take everything slow right now, just sometimes..
time flies so fast that I don't even realize that the actual time is near.
I just hope everything will work out just fine.
Please do make your dua (doa) for me. :)

Post #91

Hey all. I am actually on my semester break.
It's been quite a long time since I post something here.
Hopefully this semester break, i will definitely update this blog.

Semester break!!!
Haha, vacation? That is what everyone would be thinking right?
But as for me, I got my internship program to complete this semester break.
Three months in a company, doing my practical there.
Not happening!!

Alhamdullillah, everything work out just fine.
Happy and contented, I must say.
By the way, I have a niece now.
Her name is Wardina Az-zahra.
She is the first baby in the Ridzuan's family.
Hopefully in the next 5 years there will be a lot of little ones in the family too.
Bosan lah kan Wardina seorang je.
Mesti kena ada teman kan?

Till then.