Tuesday, 25 November 2014

All RM5 Book Fiesta at Viva Expo Hall (Organized by Popular Book(M) Sdn Bhd)

As most of all crave books and wait for months for the biggest book sale in Malaysia to be happening on 5 December 2014 which is the BigBadWolfBooksSale, suddenly Popular Book (M) Sdn Bhd had make a shocking sale!

All RM5.00 book fiesta! 

I heard that Popular already organized a book fair at Danga City Mall, Johor so I wasn't expecting that it will be happening in Kuala Lumpur too! I was so excited, after much pursuing and insisting my parents that I really wanted to go..I finally got to go there on Sunday!

As expected, it were remaindered books. That was why all the book was priced at a flat rate of RM5.00. Remember what I told you about remaindered books? If you had a hard time recalling it. Read my blog post here. I love remaindered books! It is the chance where I can get to read lots of books at low prices!

When my family and I got there, Viva Home Shopping Mall is quite new so there was not that many people inside. Even at the Viva Expo Hall, there were not as many people as I expected it will be. Since it is Sunday and it was the first weekend for the book fiesta. Many people was actually saving for BigBadWolfBooks, that is why they had to close their eyes for this book sale. But for me, look at the bargain prices! RM5 Flat for every single book! Who can resist?? Anyway, I really love how when I entered the expo, the staff greeted me and handed me a shopping basket for easy shopping. Even the cashier, they had a good system so that customers will not have to wait to pay for their books.

My book haul! A total of 47 books for only RM235! Such a good bargain!

Compare to BigBadWolfBooks, this book sale is very cheap and the stock is very different. Some of the books i already saw it at Bookxcess & BigBadWolfBooks website, but most of them are different. I guess Popular got it from different publishers. I love that there were new releases too!

Since I already bought these many books, seems like I will not be going to the BigBadWolfBookSale though. I need to finish reading these book first. If not I will have tonne of books that I have not read yet on my bookshelves. It will just be a little waste. Don't they?

Anyway, if you are planning to go there.
Check out Popular Facebook Pages.

Viva Shopping Mall
Official Website
Mall Details

Address :
Viva Venture PLT (LLP0001146-LGN)
LG35 Lower Ground Floor,
Viva Home Shopping Mall,
85, Jalan Loke Yew,
55200 Kuala Lumpur.

Google Maps

Happy book shopping! and go fast before the book expo ended!!
Have a nice day! :)

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Where to Buy Books at Lower & Discounted Price in Malaysia

Hello Booklovers and Bibliophile!
In this post I will share with you how I got most of my books.
I am gonna post the pictures of my books and bookshelves as soon as this post is up.

I really love to read fiction and non-fiction book.
These are just my recommendations.
If you have any place or website to recommend, do let me know and comment below. ;)

Bookxcess is a store that sell remaindered book. Remaindered books are printed books that are no longer selling well and whose remaining unsold copies are being liquidated by the publisher at a greatly reduced prices. While the publisher takes a loss on the sales of these books, they are able to make some money off the sale and clear out space in the warehouses. You can read in details where Bookxcess got their books here & here. There is even an online article from The Star.

source : bookxcess

Therefore, all of the books sold here are 50% to 80% off retail prices. I really love going to Bookxcess.Everything is so cheap! Since I am from Shah Alam, I will go mostly on weekends. Even though the outdoor parking for Amcorp Mall is RM5.00 per hour, it was really worth it.

Bookxcess are located in two places. Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya and fahrenheit88 in Kuala Lumpur. I never been to Bookxcess in fahrenheit88 yet. Maybe soon I will pay a visit.

Books that I bought with BB1M

Curious Corner at Bookxcess. Where they sell posters, dolls,tin signs and gifts set.
Yes, that's me.

Non-fiction books that I bought. Look at how much the price had been reduced!

Bookxcess Plastic Bag

Details on Bookxcess :

Retail Outlets
Amcorp Mall
L3-60, Amcorp Mall,
18 Jalan Persiaran Barat,
off Jalan Timur,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Telephone Number : 03-79560455
Email : sales@bookxcess.com

Lot 2-14 to Lot2-22,
179 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Telephone Number : 03-21106996
Email : sales@bookxcess.com

Online Store : bookxcessonline.com (delivery charges apply depends on the amount of the books)
Official Website : bookxcess.com
Facebook Page : Bookxcess
Instagram : bookxcess
Twitter : bookxcess

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 
This is the biggest book sale that happened on states in Malaysia every year. The price is as low as RM3.00 per book. Yes, 75% - 95% discount for every books in the event. Crazy right? If you are asking why the reduced price sound familiar? Well, the big bad wolf book sale event is actually held by the mother itself, Bookxcess! That is why the prices are low and the books that are available at the event are the same as the books that they sell in the Bookxcess retail outlets. So for an instance if you want to buy a specific book from Bookxcess for RM17.90, you can get the same book for the price of only RM8.00 at the event. Awesome right?

It is not easy to predict when the event or the book sale is going to be held. Therefore you need to keep alert of the news that the wolf will tell you.

Where to hear the latest news from the wolf :
Official Website : bigbadwolfbooks.com
Facebook Page : Big Bad Wolf Books
Instagram : bigbadwolfbooks
Twitter : The Big Bad Wolf

For now, this is the latest news from the wolf. There are coming to Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) from 5th until 16th Dec 2014 non-stop. This is the biggest book sale that they will hold every year.

Honestly I never went to any bigbadwolfbooks event. I never got a chance. So I hope this time around, I will get to go once. ;)

Maps on how to get to MIECC.
Source : bigbadwolfbooks

There is a guide on what you will expect to bring and do while you are there on the official website. But I found a very useful article online about the preparation. I thought that I would share here. See here.

POPULAR Bookstore : Blockbuster Price

The Blockbuster Price Section in Popular Bookstore
As you already know.. Popular Bookstore is a retail bookstore that sell books at normal price. But on one section in the bookstore, which is the Blockbuster Price. The books are tagged as remaindered books and are sold from RM6.90 until RM29.90. I am not sure whether other Popular Bookstores has this section, but the one that I usually visit in Paradigm Mall has it. Even though they are remaindered books too like Bookxcess & Bigbadwolfbooks events, the book titles here are different. They probably get it from different publisher.


For people that like to browse and shopping for books without moving their feet,or without the need to ask the shop assistant to search for the title of the book you wanted, and you want the books to be deliver in front of your house without any effort.. yes, this is really the best site you will ever love!!

And yes..I meant me! I usually bought my books here. Because I can't always go out. So it is very convenient that I can still buy books even if I have no transportation to the nearest bookstores in the area.

The best thing about this site is that they update it often, the books descriptions are clear (nameof publisher, hardcover or paperback, date published, edition, etc) and if you place and order, they will update it as soon as possible. Which means, you can easily keep track of your newly purchased books! Moreover, if you have a collections of books,and you want them to be synchronize and look exquisite besides one another, you can actually choose which book from the publisher that you would want to buy.

I personally like the delivery charges that MPHOnline.com apply. For purchases of only RM50 and above, the postage are free! And they post them for all the states in Malaysia and also for overseas customer. I really like this because other bookstore would probably ask you to purchase a minimum of RM200 for a free delivery charges. Because books are so heavy!! Gah!

Other than that, it is listed as my favourite online bookstore because once you buy a book for RM100 and above, you get to be a MoRewards member where you get 10% out of any books you want to buy. And there are special promotions and prices that you get for being a MoRewards member. See here.

These four are the main ways that I get my books from.
Other interesting site that I would think other bibliophile might appreciate are :

1) MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale. Like their facebook page here , to be alert of the sales that they often done. For your information, MPH Distributors is the market leader in the districbution of books and magazines in Malaysia and Singapore. Source

2) Member benefits for Times and Popular bookstores. I know both of these store have to pay an amount of RM20 per year and get discounts on books or 'Buy 3 for 2' books, 25% off newly arrived books, and special events held for members only. I love to like their pages on facebook so that I will always be alert on promotions and new released books are available at their stores.

Times Bookstore
Official Website
Facebook Page

POPULAR Bookstore
Official Website
Facebook Page

3) DeBook Room. I only had a one experience buying books here. I think the prices on debookroom are slightly cheaper than the retail bookstore price. Some books I notice that the owner bought it from bookxcess and sell it here on debookroom at higher prices. So, for a consumer..you need to do a real research before you buy it here. Because you may get it even cheaper on other bookstore. But aside from that, the price of other books are great and the owner is really nice too. She often update the pictures on instagram. I always find it hard to resist when debookroom place a very low price on books that are on my to buy list. I kind of wanna say.. "Buy Illiya..buy." Haha, check the website out.

Official Website : debookroom
Facebook Page : DeBook Room
Instagram : debookroom

I don't really know about Kinokuniya & Borders because I rarely go to Kuala Lumpur. All I know is that Borders has RadioShack and a cozy place to read books while drinking coffee. As for Kinokuniya, i know that the books there cost RM3 or RM4 more from the normal retail prices and they have so many hard-to-get books and manga there. If you happen to know any promotions, what are the privilege of being a member on Kinokuniya and Borders, let me know. Because I really want to know. Thank you beforehand. :)

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Man Who Drowned His Sorrows by Zulashraf Abd Rahman

Okay, so hi! :)
Almost everyday I promise myself to update this blog but I still have not yet get myself around to it.
I got so many things to write about though.
Even my father been waiting for my post on the NRIC2014.
And I even already made a promise to my boyfriend that I would write more entries soon.
He's the only stalker I have.
So yeah, the lazy me need to update, update, Update!

I was actually planning to post about reviews on books that I had read for the past months first.
Talking about the Hunger Games trilogy, Lord of The Rings trilogy, and even The Notebook.
But then the adorable Ashikin Aziz said that if I could do a favour to promote Zulashraf's short film on my blog.
So here it goes.

Festival Filem Pelajar Ke-11 (FFP11)

I can't believe I am actually gonna admit this.
I never once heard about this festival ever in my life until Zul post it on facebook.
I get so curious though, so I decided to google some more.
And it turns out that it is actually a big thing!
I mean it is being held once every year on Multimedia University (MMU) with the collaboration from National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) !
This is a big opportunity for young film makers especially students in public university to shine and show their potential and capabilities in film making.
It must have been an honour for Zul to join this competition.

The Man Who Drowned His Sorrows

That is the name for his short film.
" The Man Who Drowned His Sorrows "
It is a story about a guy who broke up with a love of his life.
Even after they broke up, the guy was still thinking about her.
Think about her smile, her laugh, and even their broken promises.
He's too in love with her that he lost his sense of sensibility and constantly searching for something to make him feel better.
Eventually things got worse and his heart was aching to let it all go.
So he decided to bring himself to death.
But things took a turn where at the last moment, he realized that they were so many things that are more precious in this world that should be worth living for.
Families, friends, and even a new woman in his life.
In the end he chose to be happy for what is there in his life.

The main message that Zul is trying to convey from this short film is that don't ever give up even if the most precious things are taken away from you. Because they are probably just a test to see that you are strong enough to receive something that are more greater and more valuable in your life than before.

In my own experience, I never had such a heartache.
I mean I did once get my heart broken really bad but not to the extend of killing myself.
As a friend of his, personally i am quite intrigued as of how he had thought so clearly of the idea.
But then again, who never actually got had their heart broken right? 

The Poster for The Man Who Drowned His Sorrows

How to Vote!
I think I am just going to copy and paste what Zul posted under the description box from his video. It would probably be easier for you to understand.

"I hope each and every one of you can support me by voting through the website (http://ffp11.my1content.my/videoconte...)
Firstly, I apologize for the hassle in which you have to sign up, but you can follow these steps to ensure your vote counts (make sure you are on a laptop/desktop):
1. Register My1Content (Top right grey button). Click on 'Dafter My1Content'
2. Fill in your name, ID, password (minimum 6 characters) and email
3. Check your email and click on the link to verify your account
4. Log in
5. Return to the video page (http://ffp11.my1content.my/videoconte...) and click the vote button!
Again, don't forget to vote as soon as you watch as voting ends 26/10/14 and lastly, a big thank you! "

Last Word : Vote!
Yup, watch and vote for this short film!!
Go to the website as above, make an account, and vote!
It will not be that hard.
Just two minutes. :)

I am not sure how I get nearly 1.3 million views on this blog, but I hope that other people will see this post and vote for this amazing short film too.

Do check out his channel though! Most of the videos are really cool!

Till we meet for another post.
Don't forget to vote! ;)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Throwback Time : Kad Raya

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner.
Just one day away.
Have you guys and girls made your preparation?
I haven't.
Maybe tomorrow I'll start picking up things to do for this year Hari Raya.

Anyway, for the past few days I have been cleaning up my room.
Okay, not few days..a lot of days!!
Haha, almost two whole weeks.
I took everything that I ever own in my closet and put it out.
Sorted each thing that I still want to keep one by one.
And after that clean it all and put it all back into place.
It was tiring really.
But it was worth it.
I found so many childhood things that I cant even believe that I still kept all these years.
I kept it all in my personal box.
Yes, I have this box that I kept every gifts and cards that I ever received from everyone.
Before this when I got a present from someone, I would open the gift,
read the card once and put the card away.
It never really meant a lot to me.
I never thought that after I look back and read it all back.
I would have this sense of warmest feelings thrown over me.
These cards that have kind words and at the same time teasing words.
Made me realized how wonderful life actually is.

Since there are too many things in my personal box,
I cannot explained and upload all the pictures in one post. 
So I decided to make a segment.
'Throwback Time'
This segment will show every memories that  have ever received from reunion to birthday and etc.

Why I am doing this?
To be honest, when i start to read all those cards back and all my diaries back..
I cannot really recall what actually happen.
Who was the person that send me these cards?
I had no memories of it at all.
and it made me realize, I am just a human being.
When I get older, I seem to easily forget and 
I cannot remember and recall every little things that happened in my life.
So as long as I could remember, I think it is wise to take a picture of every memory
that I had and post it here in my blog with descriptions.
If not, the memories will be forgotten.
such a waste huh? 

So if you are a big part of my life and you once given me something.
even little things as a present, I will upload it here soon.
For those who never gave me a present, no worries.
I still remember your good deeds.
The effects are different.
It is hard to tell, but its there. ;)

Alright, let me get to this post right now.
As you can see on the title, it says Kad Raya!!
No, I am not talking about e-cards.
No, I am not talking about a facebook post.
I am talking about a snail mail.
It is really sad that technology had taken such a turn that a kad raya sent by
snail mail is forgotten completely.
maybe because it is easier to send it online.
I mean there are no need to ask them for their home address.
Just one click away, done.
When not much effort involved, the meaning is less huh?

I think one day i will surprise my friend by sending these snail mail to their house.
If I dont have their home address.
Just give it by hand when I meet them.
Cool right?
Okay, that is something that I should keep my mind on the next raya.

Okay, enough chattering.
These are the kad raya that I had received through out my life.
It may not be a lot like you guys have.
But it means a lot to me.
Thank you. :)


From Aisyah Farina (Standard 6 : 6 Baiduri)

From Naziha Nurhani (Standard 6 : Kelas 6 Baiduri)

From Ruhil Hayati (Standard 6 : 6 Baiduri)

From Sakinah (Standard 6 : 6 Baiduri)


From FarahD (Form 1 : 1 Firasat)

From Darweena (Form 1 : 1 Firasat)

From Eleena (Form 1 : 1 Firasat)
~Part 1~

From Eleena (Form 1 : 1 Firasat)
~Part 2~

From Ernisha (Form 1 : 1 Firasat)
~Part 1~

From Ernisha (Form 1 : 1 Firasat)
~Part 2~

From Raihan (Form 1 : 1 Firasat)
~Part 1~

From Raihan (Form 1 : 1 Firasat)
~Part 2~


From Keisha (Form 2 : 2 Bestari)
We were not in the same class, but she still remember me and sent me a card.
Thank you Keisha! ;)

From Ernisha (Form 2 : 2 Bestari)

From Darweena (Form 2 : 2 Bestari)
~Part 1~

From Darweena (Form 2 : 2 Bestari)
~Part 2~


From Ernisha (Form 3 : 3 Bestari)
~Part 1~

From Ernisha (Form 3 : 3 Bestari)
~Part 2~

From Eleena (Form 3 : 3 Bestari)

From FarahD (Form 3 : 3 Bestari)


From Shaza (Form 4 : 4 Beta)

From Sakinah (Sent From MRSM Taiping)

From Ali Imran Sairi (F2P3)
Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor

The only guy who ever gave me a card raya and by hand too!
Thank you my friend, Ali. :) 
You are the best practicum leader I have ever met.
I bet our other F2P3 classmates feel the same thing.

I have come to the end of this post.
Thank for all the cards my classmates and bestfriends!
I will kept it still throughout my life.
Insyaallah. :)

Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
Ikhlas daripada,
Illiya Ridzuan.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physic, Electronics, and Instrumentation) in UMT

Hello all!
Sorry this blog hasn't been updated for quite a long time.
I've been very busy.
I will write more entry soon.
I got many ideas for my blog in my mind!
Thank you for still visiting this blog.
Everyday there are unique visits.
Really, thank you. :)
I hope the information that I post here in this blog can be a good use for everyone.

29th June 2014 is the last day that i set my feet in Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) for my last semester.
Alhamdulillah, with Allah's will..I managed to finish my degree in physic.
Hopefully if everything went well, I will graduate from UMT in the final months of 2014.

When I got the offer letter for Bachelor of Applied Science (Physic, Electronics, and Instrumentation) in 2011, I was so blurr. I tried to google everything, anything that I could find to know what this course is about. But there was nothing except the official faculty page and the Facebook page of Fizik Di Umt. Even after three years, which is now I search the same thing, there is still nothing. So I hope since there will be a new intake of bachelor degree for this course on each September every year, students that got offered to study this course can know the details as for what you are getting into. Or maybe better yet, you can make an early preparation as a physic student in UMT.

What this course is about?

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physic, Electronics, and Instrumentation)
Sarjana Muda Sains Gunaan (Fizik, Elektronik, dan Instrumentasi)

This course is under the School of Ocean Engineering. or known in Malay as Pusat Pengajian Kejuruteraan Kelautan.

Basically this six semester course will take you to learn the basic essential things in physic, electronic, and instrumentation.
From physic perspective, you will learn from simple things such as heat, force, momentum, electric, electromagnetism, signals , until a hard topic such as mechanic quantum. The lecturers will cover all topics regarding the basic knowledge of physic. As for electronic, you will learn and memorize each of the electronic components, how and when to use them, and how to apply them practically. There are labs and many calculations involve of course. Then as for instrumentation, there are subjects where you need to know how a system function and malfunction.

If you are still unclear, google search for each of the term for a better understanding.

Program Scheme (Skema Program)

Actually there is this book ' Buku Panduan Program Pengajian Prasiswazah' that have all the details on each subject. But I cannot write or copy it down because of copyright issues. HakCiptaTerpelihara.

Never mind. If you have any question just comment down below or send me a message using google plus.
Or if you want any tips,lecture notes, and even e-book textbook.
Please let me know. :)

If You Have More Questions

You can do what this blogger do. She asked and sent an email to the administrator in UMT for details.
and you can visit this blog. She gave extra details on what you would expect for your first day there.

One Important Tip!

Always,always bring an umbrella with you. Big..a really big one. Because the weather in Terengganu is very unpredictable. Sometimes when it rain, it will rain heavily like cats and dogs and while sometimes the temperature will be so high and very hot. And bring water bottle too! To keep your body hydrated.

Rainy season in one of the lecture class in UMT

Good luck! ;)

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Tabung Haji Hotel & Convention Centre Terengganu

After Sutra Beach Resort, my family and I decided to stay in hotel that was closer to UMT.
So that it will be easier to pick up my things from the house I rented.
Anyway, the stay was amazing.
Maybe because the hotel was just build not too long ago, so everything is new and still shiny.
We stay for the first day of Ramadhan there, so they provided us with suhoor from 3.30am until 5.00am.
Substitute for the breakfast coupons.
The staff of the hotel was nice too.
Plus they were giving out bubur lambuk for free in front of the hotel entrance starting 4.30pm everyday.
What I really love about my experience staying there was that the surrounding was very soothing and islamic.
Quran verses were played in medium volume throughout the hotel building.
They even provided surau and and an adequate space for terawih secara berjemaah for people who were travelling.
Terasa semangat Ramadhan itu walaupun di perantauan.

pic name
Deluxe Twin Room was RM209 by booking online
pic name
Flat-screen Television

pic name
Complimentary hotel key card
pic name
Convenient table for people on their business trips

Bathroom is quite spacious. They have separate part for the shower and toilet.

View from the hotel room's window
Breakfast with Air Zam-Zam, BBQ Kambing & Kibas. This is their specialties. Something that you see rarely serve at a hotel is serve here.

Map to TH Hotel & Convention Centre Terengganu. Source : halalhotels

In my opinion, this hotel is very suitable for people who are on their business trips because first the room is equipped for that. Second is that the hotel is located only 5 minutes away from Sultan Mahmud Airport,Kuala Terengganu. So it is easy to travel back and forth using flights such as Mas, Firefly, and AirAsia because the bus terminal for Kuala Terengganu is quite far into the city.

For families to stay here, maybe is not very suitable. Nevertheless, there are open swimming pool and even private pools for the muslim ladies. So that is something you can look forward to. A private swimming pool! Which for the muslim ladies means no need to wear hijab when you are swimming! Yay!
I once had a swim there when I had hi-tea in this hotel.
Maybe I will update it later on.
Keep an eye on this blog. ;) 

For more information, you can visit : 

TH Hotel & Convention Terengganu Official Website : http://www.thhotels.com.my/terengganu

Address : Kampung Ngansa, Mukim Kuala Nerus, Kuala Terengganu, 18300 Terengganu Darul Iman.
Telephone No. : (609)-6686666
Fax : (609)-6674000
Email : resvn1.thht@thhotels.com.my