Monday, 13 October 2014

The Man Who Drowned His Sorrows by Zulashraf Abd Rahman

Okay, so hi! :)
Almost everyday I promise myself to update this blog but I still have not yet get myself around to it.
I got so many things to write about though.
Even my father been waiting for my post on the NRIC2014.
And I even already made a promise to my boyfriend that I would write more entries soon.
He's the only stalker I have.
So yeah, the lazy me need to update, update, Update!

I was actually planning to post about reviews on books that I had read for the past months first.
Talking about the Hunger Games trilogy, Lord of The Rings trilogy, and even The Notebook.
But then the adorable Ashikin Aziz said that if I could do a favour to promote Zulashraf's short film on my blog.
So here it goes.

Festival Filem Pelajar Ke-11 (FFP11)

I can't believe I am actually gonna admit this.
I never once heard about this festival ever in my life until Zul post it on facebook.
I get so curious though, so I decided to google some more.
And it turns out that it is actually a big thing!
I mean it is being held once every year on Multimedia University (MMU) with the collaboration from National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) !
This is a big opportunity for young film makers especially students in public university to shine and show their potential and capabilities in film making.
It must have been an honour for Zul to join this competition.

The Man Who Drowned His Sorrows

That is the name for his short film.
" The Man Who Drowned His Sorrows "
It is a story about a guy who broke up with a love of his life.
Even after they broke up, the guy was still thinking about her.
Think about her smile, her laugh, and even their broken promises.
He's too in love with her that he lost his sense of sensibility and constantly searching for something to make him feel better.
Eventually things got worse and his heart was aching to let it all go.
So he decided to bring himself to death.
But things took a turn where at the last moment, he realized that they were so many things that are more precious in this world that should be worth living for.
Families, friends, and even a new woman in his life.
In the end he chose to be happy for what is there in his life.

The main message that Zul is trying to convey from this short film is that don't ever give up even if the most precious things are taken away from you. Because they are probably just a test to see that you are strong enough to receive something that are more greater and more valuable in your life than before.

In my own experience, I never had such a heartache.
I mean I did once get my heart broken really bad but not to the extend of killing myself.
As a friend of his, personally i am quite intrigued as of how he had thought so clearly of the idea.
But then again, who never actually got had their heart broken right? 

The Poster for The Man Who Drowned His Sorrows

How to Vote!
I think I am just going to copy and paste what Zul posted under the description box from his video. It would probably be easier for you to understand.

"I hope each and every one of you can support me by voting through the website (
Firstly, I apologize for the hassle in which you have to sign up, but you can follow these steps to ensure your vote counts (make sure you are on a laptop/desktop):
1. Register My1Content (Top right grey button). Click on 'Dafter My1Content'
2. Fill in your name, ID, password (minimum 6 characters) and email
3. Check your email and click on the link to verify your account
4. Log in
5. Return to the video page ( and click the vote button!
Again, don't forget to vote as soon as you watch as voting ends 26/10/14 and lastly, a big thank you! "

Last Word : Vote!
Yup, watch and vote for this short film!!
Go to the website as above, make an account, and vote!
It will not be that hard.
Just two minutes. :)

I am not sure how I get nearly 1.3 million views on this blog, but I hope that other people will see this post and vote for this amazing short film too.

Do check out his channel though! Most of the videos are really cool!

Till we meet for another post.
Don't forget to vote! ;)