Friday, 2 September 2016

Makeup Tips From @illiyaridzuan

Keep in mind that every skin is unique. Only you have your skin. Every product listed on my Instagram (@illiyaridzuan) are what I used & reviewed. Nevertheless, you still need to do trial & error to find the product that suits your skin. Each of these numbers are arranged according to specific topics. The links in these numbers are listed in a random order. To understand better, read all the posts in one number. Please don't repost any of these posts without my permission. Thank you.

1) Tips for longlasting makeup.

2) Makeup essentials for beginner. 

3) How to pick & use makeup if you have eczema, sensitive or dry skin.

4) Lip Balm

5) Lip Products

6) Powder

7) Eyeliner

8) Eyelash Curler

9) Eyebrow 

10) Mascara

11) Primer

12) CC Cream, BB Cream, and Foundation.

For face products, I recommend the brand Bourjois.

How to choose the right foundation shade for your skin?

Mixing Essence/Facial Oil in Foundation

13) Mixing Palette

14) Concealer
My favourite concealer is Collection Lasting Perfection Concealers.
But those are not available in Malaysia anymore. You can try other brands.

17) Makeup brushes & tools for makeup application.

18) How to clean makeup brushes.

19) Setting Spray

20) How to sanitize makeup & skincare products.

21) Makeup Remover is a must.

Micellar Water : 

22) About makeup brands.

23) Makeup Organizers

24) Don't Use Expired Makeup!

25) Cruelty-free, Haram, etc.

26) What are the meanings of the words dupe, fake, & inspired in the cosmetic world?