Friday, 9 December 2011

Couple Seductive Dance

Hello everyone. :)
How are you doing?
Today i'm going to talk about a very interesting topic.
Yup,like the title of the post..
"Couple Seductive Dance".

It's been such a long time since i've dance.
since masuk UMT,dah lama sangat tak menari.
rindu sangat.
i miss the space..
miss the passion..
miss the music..
miss the way my body moves according to the music..
and miss the way my heart beats for every beat of the song.
rindu tahu. :(

One of my friend asked me,
"If you love dancing so much,why quit? go ahead and dance,no one stopping you."
Then i thought.. 
"aww la sebabnya aku tak pernah nak mengadu dengan orang pasal menari2 ni."

Waktu zaman sekolah dulu,boleh la menari2 depan public.
tapi bila dah besar ni..rasa macam tidak manis la pula bila
seseorang perempuan itu menari di khalayak ramai.

Beberapa hari lepas,my university held a Malam Kemuncak Kokurikulum.
there..ada show where girls dance on stage.
at first i was so excited to watch the show.
i want to know what level does a dance crew in UMT have.
and yes,its undeniable.
they are really talented. i was in awed.
but one thing that really took my attention was that how the boys reacted to their body movements.
when the girls started to dance,
the boys in the auditorium hall start wooing & clapping with extra amusement.
"Illiya,biasa la lelaki react macam tu.tak kan kau tak tahu kot."
yes i know.
but that is not the thing that was in my mind at that time.
the thing that i felt at that time was  "malu."
rasa macam malu sangat tengok kaum saya sendiri menari kat depan,
dengan sexynya dan baju ketatnya..dan dengan
budak lelaki kat belakang dah kepit2 seluar mereka.
sumpah malu sangat.
rasa macam nak tarik perempuan2 yang tengah menari tu semua off-stage.

and what occured in my mind at that time was..
"what if i'm the one who was dancing on stage at that time?"
sumpah malu sangat.
I've been training myself for awhile now.
and alhamdulillah..Allah s.w.t banyak melindungi saya.
I've stop dancing in public for quite a while now.
geram nak menari tu memang ada.
kadang-kadang masa dah nak tidur tu,dengar mp3 pun..
badan boleh gerak sendiri to the beat of the music.

tetapi saya bersyukur sangat.
dapat roommates yang memahami.
mereka tidak kisah pun kalau saya nak menari dalam bilik.
just as long as not in public. :)
they said,if i dance in public.."tak nak mengaku roommate".

the one i love also support what i'm doing right now.
to be honest,i'm not that strong.
but since i have so many people supporting me right now.
I guess i'll survive.
Allah s.w.t akan sentiasa memberi pertolongan kepada kita,
especially bila kita cuba untuk berubah menjadi lebih baik.

Mesti some of you tanya,
apa kena mengena Couple Seductive Dance dengan apa yang saya tulis kat atas kan?
since saya dah mengambil keputusan untuk hanya menari after i'm married and not in public..
i like to share what kind of dance that i would really love to do.
and i'm not telling this only to my future husband.

guys outhere!
girls love guys who could move there body.
i'm serious.
it is an asset.
so there's no istilah "lelaki pondan je yang menari".
macam korang pun juga,suka kan kalau ada bakal isteri yang boleh menari?
same with us. :)
image source: google.

Troublemaker (Hyunah & Hyunseung)

Troublemaker at MAMA 2011 in Singapore

Troublemaker Live on MCountdown (111208)

Hyoyeon - Genie Remix & So sick (Mirrored)

Super Junior & f(x)'s Victoria

Son Dambi - Can't U See (Mirrored Compilation)

Snsd & 2PM - Dance Gayo Festival 

Lee Hyori - Want me back

Hyoyeon & Jaewon dancing

Taeyang - Wedding Dress (Dance Version Mv)

Taeyang - I Need a Girl (Dance Version Mv)

Taeyang - Look only at me

Monday, 5 December 2011

Wonder Girls 2nd Album Wonder World - Track 6 : Stop!

The Wonder Girls just made their comeback with their second album.
I've heard the full album but one song really start to stuck in my head.
hihi,if you download the album,try to listen to the sixth track.
entitled..  " Stop! "

I like the meaning of the songs.
so much! :))
normally girls would easily strive to accept a guy.
but in this song,
even though the guy is super hot,the girl is determine to say no.
she say that the guy is not for her.
so she ask him to find another person.

Stop! by Wonder Girls

Review Blog : Perempuan Menari dalam Islam - Haram atau Tidak?

Assalamualaikum everyone.
For starters,Ilya nak cakap terima kasih sangat2
sebab still buka blog ni walaupun Ilya lama tak update.
kira bernyawa juga la blog ni walaupun cuma nyawa2 cengkerik je.
thank u ya! ;)

But don't worry,
walaupun saya jarang buka blog ni,
saya rajin juga la tengok2 kalau ada orang leave any comments.
kalau takde pun,tengok page apa yang mostly orang baca kat blog ni.
and lepas pengawasan blog dilakukan..
I've notice ada satu post ni,memang setiap hari ada sahaja orang buka.
and bukan orang Malaysia sahaja yang view,
orang daripada America,Korea,Japan,German,Mesir pun view post ni.

The post that i'm talking about is
I was quite surprised that there are many viewers for that post.
nampak la yang ramai orang sebenarnya nak tahu tentang hukum perempuan menari dalam Islam.
it touched me that there are many people who actually trying hard to make changes in their life.
I'm just glad that i could be just a little help.
Insyallah,dengan keredhaan-Nya..kita boleh berubah.
cuma kena kuat sikit je. ;)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Music Video The Boys by Girls' Generation

The Boys Mv (Korean Version)

The Boys Mv (English Version)

List of songs in The Boys Album
01 The Boys
02 텔레파시 (Telepathy)
03 Say yes
05 봄날 (How great is your love)
06 My J
08 Top Secret
09 Lazy Girl (Dolce Far Niente)
10 제자리걸음 (Sunflower)
11 비타민 (VITAMIN)
12 MR.TAXI (Korean Ver.)
13 The Boys (English Ver.)

There are also an instrumental of the song 'The Boys'.
Search it online,i'm sure that you'll find it.

pictures below is credited by










Friday, 7 October 2011

Girls' Generation (SNSD) 3rd Korean Album The Boys Teaser

Wah!! Can't believe that SMEntertainment actually delay the comeback of SNSD.
It must have drive all of their fans crazy.
Anyway,in this post i just want to share the pictures and the video teaser of the girls.
you want more? have to wait till they officially release their music video.
Seems like it would be quite interesting. :)

'The Boys' cover album 

'The Boys' first teaser video

'The Boys' second teaser video

The Boys (Korean Version) Teaser

The Boys (English Version) Teaser










Wednesday, 5 October 2011

mini skirt ~

Hello everyone.
For these few days,these two little words..
are really stuck in my head.
when i'm in a shower..i would sing, 'mini skirt~ '.
and when i was going out to buy makanan, i would sing ,'mini skirt~ '.
yup,these two words are really stuck in my head right now.

For your information,i'm not talking about a miniskirt.

I'm talking about a song actually.
A song by Min Hae Kyung called Mini Skirt.

Min Hae Kyung (민해경) – Miniskirt (미니스커트) Lyrics
바람에 불면 바람이 부는 대로
barame bulmyon barami buneun dero
짧은 치마 입고 길을 거어 가네
jjalbeun chima ipgo gireul go-o gane
누군가 나를 볼것 같아 사실은 어색 했었어
nugun-ga nareul bolgot gata sasireun osek hessosso
사람들에 눈빛이 나를 보고 있어
saramdeure nunbichi nareul bogo isso
*계단을 올라 갈떈 조심스러워
gyedaneul olla galttyen josimseurowo
뒤에 오는 사람들이 나를 볼까봐
dwie oneun saramdeuri nareul bolkkabwa

**하지만 입고 싶은 것은 짧은 미니스커트
hajiman ipgo sipeun goseun jjalbeun miniseukoteu
화장 안한 얼굴어 짧은 미니스커트
hwajang anhan olgulo jjalbeun miniseukoteu

Back to * and **
그댈 만나는 날엔 아침 부터 바빴어
geudel mannaneun naren achim buto bappasso
어떤 옷을 입을까 곰곰히 생각 하다
otton oseul ibeulkka gomgomhi senggak hada
무작정 꺼내 입은 것이 짧은 미니스커트
mujakjong kkone ibeun gosi jjalbeun miniseukoteu
약속 시간 10분전 내 가슴은 뛰었죠
yaksok sigan sip-bunjon ne gaseumeun ttwiotjyo

짧은 미니스커트
jjalbeun miniseukoteu

But then it was sang back by 효린(Hyorin) from SISTAR in Immortal Song 2. 

Hyorin Performing Mini Skirt on Immortal Song 2

Hyorin Mini Skirt Practice Video 

I really adore Hyorin in this practice video.
She's  a good singer and  she can dance awesomely well too!!
For those who doesn't know the song,try listen to it.
The music is quite catchy and seducing. :)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

I'm an UMT student! :)

Hey guys.
Sorry for not updating my blog for so long.
Its been month since i last posted something here.

I'm happy to say,i'm an university student right now.
Yes,i'm in UMT (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu) right now!!!
Alhamdulillah,one of my mission in life is fulfilled.
Its been month since i'm away from home.
rindu rumah juga sometimes.
but i have to be tough!
Hihi,being independent tu kan penting.
Lagipun kat sini,everyone are so nice to me.
and that makes me fit in here more easily.

UMT is so different from other universities in Malaysia.
and why is that?
It is because it is place betul-betul sebelah pantai.
Bila-bila pun boleh pergi tengok air laut..boleh rasa pasir pantai.
and it have it's own island!
Pulau Bidong.

Yup,i just went for a Survival Laut three days ago in Pulau Bidong.
For your information,Survival Laut is actually a must-attend program for every student in UMT.
Its like a one and a half day camp in Pulau Bidong.
This program is created to give students confidence in seawater.
and to expose them about Marine Life in Terengganu. 
There,you will learn how to to to canoe..and how to snorkel.

For people who aren't easily mabuk laut,its fun.
But for me,agak terseksa juga la.
Haha,baru 2 minutes tunggu dalam boat dah muntah.
Macam mana ni?
Ayah betul-betul minat memancing.
tapi anak dia can't even stand minutes in a floating boat.
macam mana tu?? hrm..

Balik daripada Pulau Bidong,terus demam dua hari.
pergi kelas pun rasa macam nak pitam je.
kepala pening,makan semua terus muntah.
Jumpa doktor,dia cakap gastrik.
huhu..padahal saya dah makan nasi kot pagi tadi. 
apa yang tak makan nye?

Tapi takpe,sebab doktor tu handsome gila.
terubat juga la sakit saya ni.hoho

One thing that memang different between Selangor & Terengganu is the food.
yup,kat sini masakan semua manis.
Sambal nasi lemak manis,sambal yg ada cili padi pun manis sangat2.
Memang style masakan kat sini manis2.
Jadi saya pun slowly belajar how to adapt with the food here.
But sometimes,i kind of miss Cili Padi though.
Cik Cili Padi!!!
I Miss You!!!! :(

Hihi,one little skin is really dah hitam.
not fully hitam,but yes.its getting darker day by day.
since UMT is near the beach,so yes.
lagi hitam la saya day by day.

but everything ada baik dan buruknye kan?
walaupun dah hitam sikit tapi berat badan dah turun sangat2.
It nearly reaching 48kg now.

and just to tell you,in the cocuricular activity here.
I'm involve in theatre acting. :)
I'm really passionate about it.
everytime there's an event..i would be performed on stage.
but i'm not holding the major role,just the minor role.
it's fun.but sometimes its kind of tired.
because you have to practice a lot to make the scene perfect and alive as it is.

Secara keseluruhannya,i'm happy with my life now.
I'm reaching one goal of my life,one by one.
Alhamdulillah,Allah s.w.t sentiasa melindungi saya.
family baik,roommates baik,kawan2 pun baik.
could i ask more?
cuma tinggal bersyukur je Illiya. :)

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

a New Life that will be starting on 6th of September 2011

First sekali,
i would like to say,
Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir dan Batin! hihi
I had fun this raya.
Alhamdulillah dapat spent time dengan family & relative.
plus,anak saudara iaitu baby yang kecil dan comel pun ada untuk memeriahkan keadaan.
my cousin's sons.
nampaknya we just can't seem to stop the clock from ticking kan?
semua orang pun dah semakin membesar.

this year is the last year that my first sister would be celebrating hari raya
with the whole family before she gets marry.
so,i'm really glad that all of my family members could be present for raya this time of year.
i know its not like we cannot celebrate raya with her anymore.
but will not be the same after this.
like i said before,things change as time goes by. :)

image credits :  blogshopr

Like the title of the post,
it seemed like i will be starting a new life soon.
on the 6th of September 2011,i will be entering an university in Terengganu.
new university,new friends,new environment,new everything~!
i'm so excited!

Terengganu is really far away from Shah Alam.
to be honest,saya sangat lah manja.
naik LRT tak pernah,naik train tak pernah,
naik bas awam pun baru pertama kali hari itu.

when my friends asked me which university that i got accepted to,
and i said in Terengganu.
semua pun macam..
"boleh ke Illiya tu? bukan dia manja gila ke?"
i'm not denying.
saya memang manja.
pergi mall pun,kalau tak ada kawan atau siblings yang akan take care of me there.
my parents wouldn't let me go.

i'm not complaining.
i actually love the fact that my parents are so caring for me.
i really cherish both of my parents.
so kalau diorang tak bagi pergi konsert ke,tak bagi pergi mall seorang2 ke..
i could understand why. ;)

so when i got accepted to an university in Terengganu,
i was really glad,that is because I will get a chance to learn how to be independent there.
plus saya juga bersyukur sebab i can get out of Selangor!
hihi. tak best lah kalau daripada kecil sampai besar duduk kat Selangor je right?
tak adventurous lah kan.

jadi i will work hard and my best to adapt there in Terengganu.
hihi. it's not like luar negara pun,still Malaysia.

There are a lot of physical changes that i make before i enter the university.
one thing that is obvious is that,
I stop wearing colour contact lenses!
yup,i would like to go for a natural look.
thanks everyone for participating in that poll.
it really help me a lot. :)

and azam saya bila pergi sana is that,
saya nak kurangkan my obsession dengan korea ni sikit.
sikit je lah,tak banyak.
haha,saya tak berani nak promise.

and i want to think more about yang Yang Maha Esa.
it's not like i don't perform my prayers,tak puasa or anything.
just daripada sudut hati,kalau boleh i would like myself to be thinking about HIM
more than i do now.
Insyaallah,saya harap dengan izin-Nya..hati saya akan lebih terbuka nanti.

and about love relationship in University pula,
i would like to take my sister's advice.
she said,
"don't burden yourself by getting into a relationship at such an early stage in university,enjoy your life as an university student first!"
so,i would like to enjoy my life first.
explore Terengganu,make new friends,achieve something great in my life first.
and then insyaallah,baru cari si dia. :)

for my friends who will be furthering their studies too,i wish you guys the best of luck!
and may your wishes in life come true.

Dance Idol : Girls' Generation (Korea)

Girls' Generation which also known as SNSD (SoNyuhShiDae) 
portray an image of cuteness and sexy.
Gee,Genie,Run Devil Run,Mr.Taxi.
even though nine of them all are stunningly beautiful,each of them can dance and sing too!
yup,i've been a fan of them since they made their debut in 2007.
and almost all of their songs and dance choreography i've had memorized.
they had been my dance idol for almost five years now.

if you haven't watch their dance cut yet,
do watch the videos below.
they are the compilation of their dance cut in music shows in korea.

video credit : CodeMonmon

I kissed a girl - Katy Perry
Womanizer - Britney Spears
Hollaback girl - Gwen Stefani
My love - Justin Timberlake
4 my people - Missy Elliot
Laarbasses - Safri Duo
SNSD with 2PM : Mary J.Blige - Be without you & DuranDuran - Night Runner
SNSD with Shinee & Super Junior : Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
 Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson

Yuri performed a solo dance to 1,2 Step in one of their concert

Circus - Britney Spears
Sugar - Florida
Get Right - Jennifer Lopez
Deja Vu - Beyonce Knowles
Mannequin - Trish
If you seek Amy - Britney Spears

at the video ending,CodeMonmon make a fast forward video of Mr.Taxi.
if you are frustrated as in why the video is like that.
here the official music video. :)

SNSD - Mr.Taxi Mv

Girls' Generation Tour 2011 Promotion Pictures